Are you ready to lift the veil on things that you didn’t realise could possibly set you free? Have you recently discovered some uncomfortable truths that rocked your world, and now you want to know more? Or, are you ready to be challenged regarding metaphysics and your previous understanding of human spirituality? Are you ready to take the Red Pill?

True freedom is something that many people strive for, but only some manage to achieve.  The first place where freedom begins though is in the mind. From the day that we are born to the day we die, we are indoctrinated with information that does not serve our highest well-being. The children being born today are certainly more awake than those in my own childhood, however, those who run the world know of the rising levels of awareness in the “sheeple” (as they so fondly like to call us), so unfortunately they have submitted a counter-attack on us, especially the young. We are indoctrinated us with ideas that don’t serve us, the method of indoctrination being repetition. They lie to us about what is going on in Politics via the media, and they don’t allow us to object to their agendas. They use the education system as a tool to make sure that the sheeple all think the same because they are taught the same information about History, Business and Economics, and the Monetary system. How can one object about what feels wrong if everyone around us knows no more than we do? Where do we go to learn the truth? All the doors and exists are guarded closely to make sure that no one makes a run for it.

Almost everything we have been taught about the world and its history is a lie.  The 1500 years prior to Christ’s birth that are written about in most historical accounts are almost all lies.  The information that we are given on the television news and in the newspapers is quite often a lie, or a part truth at the very least. In the West, we are not told the truth of what is going on in the East or in the Middle East, and they are not told the truth about the West. Through the mainstream media we are told what they want us to believe, not what is actually going on. Repetition is how they indoctrinate us with their lies, drip fed to us until the lie becomes a broadly accepted truth. Only on the internet can we find any resemblance of truth, and even then we must use our discretion to filter out the lies from the truth. With regards to finances, the way that the financial structure of the world is set up is such that it keeps us working long and hard hours, so that we don’t have time to work upon ourselves because we’re too busy trying to make ends meet. It’s all a system of monetary, emotional, mental and physical slavery, unless you go searching for the doorway out.

From the additives in the foods we eat, to the chemicals in our drinking water, to the harmful ingredients in the vaccines that we are given that aren’t actually necessary to our health (as well as the microchip that is inside those vaccines), to the chemicals that they spray on us from above. Not to mention the digital waves that get beamed right into our lounge rooms via the televisions that have recently been produced, as well as the mercury fillings they gave us when I was a child and are still giving children today. There are alternatives to mercury fillings now, but many people from my generation suffered from an unnecessary dumbing-down due to all the mercury in their mouths, as well as the intense levels of fluoride that entered their system each time the dentist gave them a fluoride treatment along with the fluoride we drank each day in the water that comes from the tap. All of these things enslave us. When you become aware of how to sidestep these methods of control, you are one step closer to becoming free.

I encourage you to take a look around. Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Thank you for being who you are, Thank you for sharing

  2. I was born free and by not marring or having children I’ve stayed that way 🙂

    • Freedom is a mindset John, but it’s also about choices. Making the right choices to avoid the things that dumb us down. Searching for and finding the right teachings to educate us, and then unlearning all the brainwashing we’ve had to endure.

  3. Do flat screen tv’s use the digital beams? What other electronics eg iPhone should I be aware of?

    • eaglelady888 said:

      Hello Sigrid, the phone that seems better than others is the Blackberry. You can talk Blackberry to Blackberry without being monitored, but I’m not so sure that there are any less digital beams. Only a landline is good for avoiding that.

  4. Quite a remarkable site. You have researched and covered many things. I was simply following common law to try and learn more but i have discovered all these other things under the new world order/population control.I must admit the way we are being controlled, used and manipulated i often wonder if those at the top are human!
    thanks, i’ve got a few hours of reading ahead.

    • eaglelady888 said:

      Thank you. I’ve been too busy to write lately. I’ll get back to it later. I’ve been writing a novel, and it has taken all my time.
      You are right to wonder whether they are human or not. That’s an interesting thought to ponder upon. They certainly don’t have any soul, that’s for sure.

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