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Angels Don't Play This HAARP

by David Piney

This is a discussion about the author of the book “Angels don’t play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology”, and the content within the book. It’s written by (honorary doctorate holder) Nick Begich and mainstream news reporter Jeane Manning.

Dr. Begich is past president of the Alaska Teachers’ Federation, and is the eldest son of Congressman Nick Begich Sr., who went missing along with House Majority Leader Hale Boggs in the early seventies in a suspected plane crash. Details of the project  Hale Boggs was investigating, along with his increasing outspokenness about the JFK assassination cover-up, has convinced conspiracy theorists to suspect the suspicious circumstances surrounding their disappearance among a long list of possible political assassinations.

Dr. Begich Jr. believes the experimental HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) facilities located in Gakona Alaska, 140 miles north of Prince William Sound, is the most reckless and dangerous undertaking the military have ever attempted, rivaling even the Manhattan project in scope and risk. Some of the electro-magnetic frequency (emf) technologies that are planned were first revealed by Tesla in the 1880’s and will finally achieve a practical application with HAARP’s projected 100 billion watt transmitter effect. That’s enough power to give credence to the project’s claim that it’s a universal weapon which will “revolutionize military affairs”.

That’s not to say that each of the numerous radio frequency technologies HAARP is developing aren’t themselves revolutionary. The profound biological effects of its extremely low frequency (elf), and very low frequency (vlf) waveforms can provide surreptitious control over critical aspects of human physiology from a distance, enabling a whole range of military and law enforcement options, from “psychologically or physiologically modifying or disabling” their targets to “wholly toasting” them. In fact, the effects of micro-tuned, pulsed, emf technologies are now being realized with such significance by experimental practitioners they’re speculating a transition from today’s pharmaceutical based medical treatments to largely emf therapies in the near future. And thus HAARP’s transmitter capacity to surreptitiously affect entire populations must be publicly understood.

This notion harkens to Dr. Delgado’s work with emf therapies in the 70’s entitled “Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psycho-civilized Society”. Therein he justified this ground breaking research at the time with the rationalization that “since war begins in the mind of men, it is in the minds of men that the defense of peace must be constructed”. His concept may  sound promising to the uninitiated. But I assure you from practical experience that its victims will dread the horror of these technologies as “absolutely devastating” to their lives. The ultimate in totalitarianism.

This technology alone will revolutionize the way the future of humanity is managed. But the HAARP facility promises so much more.

They intend to saturate portions of the ionosphere with an unprecedented beam-focusing technology, allowing massive emf power transfer with pinpoint accuracy intended to trigger a cascading electrode effect capable of shaping and harnessing the tremendous forces of the earth’s magnetosphere itself in order to effect military man’s bidding. It’s simply the last word in the SDI concept of a “defensive shield”. For one thing, they intend to contort the ionosphere into a lens effect in order to achieve their over-the-horizon radar technology, as well as to steer deep earth penetrating Tomography probes in search of enemy bunkers, weapons caches, or even in the pursuit of natural resources. Enemy satellites and aircraft can be scrutinized by such manipulation of the charged particles of the ionosphere in order to determine hostile payloads, which can then be destroyed. As a bonus, this HAARP manipulation of the ionosphere can completely confound enemy communications worldwide, while enhancing its own.  And the HAARP facility is researching many other applications that are outlined in Begich’s insightful book, including weather modification by targeting the jet stream, “nonlinear” wireless power transfer, particle beam weapons and other Star Wars systems listed in patents appended below.

Unfortunately though, scientists aren’t exactly sure of nature’s collateral effects. But in true military fashion, the project’s authors are “willing to risk it”. Similarly with the Manhattan Project they weren’t sure if the first nuclear detonation would start a chain reaction, destroying the earth. Although they believed it was possible at the time, they simply decided to risk it. The question is of course, will their luck hold out? Begich is rightfully concerned with the planned poking of the ionosphere with a hundred billion watts of power. After all, physicists aptly point out that the very forces tying the atmosphere to this planet are about to be used to prod it into a reaction which is not only unprecedented, but imply consequences that are beyond the comprehension of today’s scientists. Our sister planet Mars lost its atmosphere somehow along the way. You can’t help but wonder if the earth could do the same under this threshold-seeking  prodding?

Unfortunately there’s very little information offered about these emerging technologies for public consumption. In fact, Begich even had trouble finding a consulting scientist or technician in the field for his book because apparently they’re all employed on related government projects. And secrecy has been their operating mantra since the first conventions were held in the 80’s.

I’m personally aware of the absolute horror of the ol’ boy (covert) network’s use of surreptitious emf technologies against dissent in Canada and thus I’ve been conducting my own investigation. At first I thought they were surreptitiously drugging me because of the unique and suspicious pattern of symptoms I starkly began to experience — during a time of unmistakable surveillance and despicable harassment by them — which became especially pronounced during the week of my presentation to the “Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform” in Victoria BC July 2004. (It became obvious to me they didn’t want my proposal for a “Contractual Mandate Electoral System” to be adopted because it effectively transfers power from the elite to the electorate, with a simple mechanism to achieve true democracy.) But after I read Mike Ruppert’s book “Crossing the Rubicon” in which he notes evidence of their use of emf technology against him and his staff, I researched other sources, which corroborated the profound physiological symptoms I’ve experienced as synonymous with this new technology. (As well, the unique type of massive headaches that I began getting, for weeks on end, would instantly disappear when I placed a faraday cage (grounded, ferrous metal shield) over my head to protect the pineal gland at the base of the brain — apparently the most sensitive organ. Associated memory loss and cognitive dysfunction are recognizable aspects of emf attacks on this crucial gland.) In-depth research has been hard to find though. The experimental physiologist, Sandyk, has published extensively about the profound physiological effects he’s achieved using pulsed, emf generators on Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis patients. And thus alluded to a wide range of debilitating effects that are possible by varying waveform output and intensity. But I was very lucky to find such articles because the EBSCO keyword search I used was unusually specific, and it seemed to me at the time to be designed to foil a general public search. But increasing material is becoming available since my early searches in 2003. Thus I appreciate receiving any information that sympathetic researchers find on this important subject.

I’m convinced the technology is being adopted today as an integral part of the New World Order infrastructure against dissent, in order to control opposition to the massive downsizing we’re about to experience as we rapidly enter the end of the conventional oil era. The realization that this powerful technology could be used continent-wide under HAARP’s massive emf transmitters is a scary thought indeed, which must be fully understood.

After all, the first target of every looming war is against domestic dissent. And full military might is focused (surreptitiously) against their own people who oppose, or who rally to present alternative options. The archives of the ACLU are replete with similar encounters of people that have been ruthlessly bullied for one reason or another by the state. The Wikipedia article on COINTELPRO outlines the history, and it was because of this CIA-type lawlessness that the RCMP SS was disbanded in disgrace by the Trudeau government in Canada. Yet, I’m fully aware that the covert practice of crushing targets continues with impunity.

I was able to protect myself for a while by using crude countermeasures, but the effect on my functionality was clearly apparent to me. In 2005 they installed a microchip in the distal buccle root of my 1-6 molar. It took Dr. Zhong 4 hours to do an ordinary filling on me at the time, and I believe that he may have pushed the device through the root tip and into the maxillary sinus area, which an xray indicates. The chip permitted them to hit me in a crowd with their new toy, infra-sound, and only my physiology would be affected. Infra-sound devices accomplish the same function as vlf devices but are immune to Faraday cage countermeasures. But I wasn’t aware at the time and suffered dearly for years with no defense. http://journal.borderlands.com/1996/the-sonic-weapon-of-vladimir-gavreau/ Fortunately I finally learned to use 32db ear insert plugs, with 28db earmuffs over top when headaches become unbearable. (They instantly disappear with hearing protection, and instantly reappear when protection is removed) But my general functionality is considerable reduced, – memory, thinking, fluency of speech — and they are able to trigger bowel incontinence with the technology to keep me largely contained from public activism.

Begich’s book glimpses the strategies they used to ensure secrecy of the breadth of the HAARP project. They openly displayed its existence, but only the aspects considered benign, which was HAARP’s preferred method to minimize unwanted oversight or public intrusion. As well, numerous online red herrings attack the premise of pulsed bioactive emf technologies, as crackpots, implying mental illness as the root source of “such irrational speculation”. Or they simple label researchers “conspiracy theory nuts” if they try to present evidence that government surreptitiously attacks domestic dissent with the same zeal as they did foreign communists in the recent past. But these are simplistic (though effective ) diversions. The Sandyk medical journals alone wholly refute such criticism, which a simple Google search will verify.

One thing then becomes crystal clear; with such profound technologies involved, and the unresolvable crisis that the looming end-of-the-conventional-oil-era entails, the public had better buckle down with some serious investigation and concerted action if any form of freedom or human rights are to survive under this lawless Beast of expediency that now rules the New World Order.

The author of this article quotes passages from the book at his original article listed here:  http://truedemocracy.ca/haarp.htm