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HAARP field in Alaska

HAARP [High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program]

THE US HAARP SITE [operated by DOD and others] AT LATITUDE: 62°23′30″NORTH LONGITUDE: 145°09′03″WEST is north of GAKONA, ALASKA, just West of the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. There is an array of 180 ANTENNAS.

[TARGET CHINA: May 12,2008: 30° 59′ 10″N, 103° 21′50″E]

The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) alternatively called an Ionospheric Heater that heats up the higher atmosphere so it can then manipulate the Electro-Magnetic electrons which generate very high energy levels uising a relatively very low level of power].

The Ionospeheric Research Instrument (IRI) is the primary instrument at HAARP, which is a high-frequency (HF) transmitter system used to modify the Ionosphere [in the upper atmosphere] and thereby MODIFY the atmosphere with the possibility of creating severe earthquakes or adverse weather in other parts of the world. [The verification for this phemnomena is to trace the seismic signatures that can easily be obtained from the US GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (USGS)].

During active Ionospheric research, the signal generated by the transmitter system is delivered to the antenna array, transmitted in an upward direction, and is partially absorbed, at an altitude between 60 miles to 200 miles [100 to 350 km] (depending on operating frequency).

In August 2002, further support for those critical of HAARP technology came from the State Duma (parliament) of RUSSIA. The Duma published a CRITICAL report on HAARP written by the international affairs and DEFENSE committees, signed by 90 deputies and presented to the then President Vladimir PUTIN. The report claimed that “the U.S. is creating new integral geophysical weapons that may influence the near-Earth medium with high-frequency radio waves … The significance of this qualitative leap could be compared to the transition from cold steel to firearms, or from CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS to NUCLEAR WEAPONS. This new type of weapon differs from previous types in that the near-Earth atmosphere becomes an object of direct influence and its component. This high level concern is paralleled in the April 1997 statement by the U.S. Secretary of Defense over the power of such electromagnetic weaponry.

Russia owns and operates an ionospheric heater system as powerful as the HAARP called ‘Sura,’ which is located roughly 100 MILES [150 km] from the city of NIZHNY NOVGOROD.

Very great concerns have been amplified by Bernard EASTLUND, a physicist who developed some of the concepts behind HAARP in the 1980s and proposed using high-frequency radio waves to beam large amounts of power into the Ionosphere, energizing its electrons and ions in order to disable incoming missiles and knock out enemy satellite communications.

The US military became interested in the idea as an alternative to the laser-based Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).

However, EASTLUND’s ideas were eventually dropped as SDI itself mutated into the more limited National Missile Defense of today.

The contractors selected to build HAARP have denied that any of Eastlund’s patents were used in the development of the project. Yet HAARP is now being by the Department of Defense as an Ionospheric Heater which has the effect of being a Weather Manipulation Device and a device that can artificially produce seismic activity to knock out another country’s economy or as a means to effect a political advantage by the US.

[That is the reason why so great an amount of taxpayers money has been directed into this project applying Nikola TESLA’s amazing inventions that JPMorgan – the international banker who was asked to underwrite them – knew worked only too well – that is why JP MORGAN financially supported Thomas EDISON rather than Nikola TESLA – as TESLA’s AC electricity could not then be metered – the taxing of that electricity would have gone back to JP Morgan – making him even more wealthy!]

Physicists have raised concerns. In September 1995, a book entitled “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology” by Nick BEGICH, Jr., son of the late Congressman Nick BEGICH, claimed that the project in its present stage can be used for “geophysical warfare.”

The project is jointly funded by the United States Air Force [USAF], the Navy [USN], the University of Alaska and DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY (DARPA). The system was designed and built by Advanced Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI) and since 2003by BAE Systems Inc. [BAE Systems Inc. is the US arm of the LARGEST BRITISH DEFENSE CONTRACTOR – OWNED BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT].

Check out EM activity for May 12, 2008 from the Earth map readings from the USGS…