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A great awakening is happening throughout humanity this last 50 years. Millions of people are waking up to the fact that we are not just our physical bodies: we are a spiritual being having a human experience. From the early 1940s onwards, a group of souls incarnated on this planet to help rescue the world from where it was headed. Those souls were the predecessors to the Indigo Children. They were literally the soul parents of the children who would later crowd into the planet in a great wave of births in the seventies and eighties. The children born at that time came to push back against the suppression of those whose agenda it was to enslave us all. They were souls who knew that they didn’t answer to anyone, and that the people who were in power on earth did not have authority over them and their lives. Those souls knew that they were sovereign and answered to no man who sought to oppress them… they only answered to their Maker, to themselves, and as long as they harmed nobody, to no-one else.

Life has become very unbalanced in all societies today. Many pressures are placed upon people that have never been placed on us before. Almost all institutions and vehicles of influence do not have either the individual’s or the family’s best interest at heart, and so there are still many people today who are lost as to what their role has become. This affects their performance in all areas of life, in both subtle and obvious ways. The subtle ways are that we’ve all been sold on a lie. The lie is that we have to own a whole heap of stuff to be loved and accepted by others.  Men work 16 hour days trying to keep the people in their family happy because the TV and the media have sold us on this lie. Women, who were sold on the idea that they needed to have equality (when what they really needed was to be treated with a bit more love and respect in the roles that they had in the past), now go out and work, putting their children into the hands of others to look after, and playing a much less significant role in the development of their kids. Mother’s role is to look after the family, but the feminist movement insisted that they needed to be equals. If only women were to realise that equality isn’t about doing the same things in the same way, it’s about bringing to the world the unique gifts of womanhood, and doing it with pride and integrity. What a load of BS we’ve all been sold on, to think that we have to have the same working roles as men.  This kind of thinking causes the price of real estate to go higher than it would be if we didn’t believe the idea that we have to have stuff to be happy, and so the family now has to cope with the stress of keeping up with mortgage payments and credit card payments that never were a problem in the past.  This lie has been sold to us in a subtle way, even though its affects are very obvious.

The more obvious ways that the powers-that-be are interfering in our lives are with things that they know are harmful to us. For example, fluoride in our tap water that leeches DMT out of our Pineal Gland, mercury fillings in our teeth that slowly give off poisonous gases that affect us, aspartame in soft drinks and sweets (aspartame gives you Alzheimer’s in old age), and genetically modified foods that eventually cause sterility a couple of generations down the track. Also, digital television pumps out a pulse that sends people into a slumber-like trance state which allows subliminal messages to enter our subconscious and make us respond to certain triggers when they appear. A fantastic movie to watch about this is called “They Live”. Here’s the link if you’d like to watch it when you have a chance:  They Live

Those who run the world know what they are doing though, of course. The old adage “Divide and Conquer” very much starts with the family. They can imprison the mind and they can imprison the body, however, they cannot imprison the soul. The influx of advanced souls will cause a tipping point in the earth’s evolution over the next few years. With the help of ancient spiritual practices such as those used by the Shamans of the Amazon, humanity is waking up. Not just those souls who were already born awake, but those who are coming along with the wave of awakening that is happening around them. One such influence on that awakening is the brew called Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca has been used by Shamans of the indigenous people’s all over the world for thousands of years. It is capable of healing us on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It is now a major part of raising humanity’s consciousness to the level where we will no longer live with either fear or anger.  Like the 100th Monkey theory, when enough people have raised their vibration to a level where negativity, war, hunger and poverty are no longer part of their existence, it will tip all of humanity into a new level of existence.

What is being created throughout earth at the moment is a New Earth. Humanity divided into two separate evolutions during the last century, the hippie movement of the sixties playing a large part in that separation.  There are now humans being born who are highly evolved souls, known as the Crystal children, born to the Indigos, who are here to take part in the change that is spoken of in this first clip in the link beneath this article.

We live in amazing times. It has never before been possible for individual humans to evolve as fast as they can today.  The Kingdom of Heaven is within, and there are now many of us who are finding the way to realise that. Click on the link below the image below to listen to the wise words of our Shaman Darpan.

Goddess Awakening


Darpan – Metamorphosis