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womens attraction

It is very true that a huge amount of time is spent making ourselves attractive to the opposite sex. From all angles we are bombarded with pressure to become and maintain “beauty”. Of course, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, so the definition of beauty changes, depending on who is doing the looking. However, we are never taught that beauty has a broad scope – instead we are forced into thinking that we must ‘fit’ into a set look in order to be considered attractive or beautiful. This is a remnant from an old saga that has been going on for thousands of years. In the article you see at this link, you will read about how women felt for many thousands of years that the only thing they had to trade was their sexuality. Things haven’t changed a lot, although today we are blessed to have access to education and we have a lot more choices than we did have. At least, in the western world we do. There is good reason for women having previously thought that they only had their sexuality to trade. Here in this article I write about the history of how this came to be.

From around 25,000 B.C.E. to about 1000 B.C.E. in every culture we see a reverse of the current trend of older rich man with younger ‘beautiful’ woman. There were plenty of relationships where the woman was older and her long term partner was younger. In the lands of the Mediterranean like Sumer, there was a pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses who were rich in the gamut of human characteristics. Venus, Ishtar, Cybele and other beautiful mature Goddesses led by example with their sexual enjoyment of their younger, shockingly handsome but not indispensable lovers Adonis, Tammuz and Attis. Aphrodite too celebrated her right to be a sexual being, as Greeks held women in very high regard. These young men were there to ‘service the Divine womb’.

As man became more powerful in his control over women and more wealthy as the generations multiplied due to the passing of property from father to son, the polygyny of the rich and powerful gave rise to two establishments. The first was the harem, in which a wealthy man kept his wives and concubines, usually under the guard of eunuchs. The object of the eunuch was not only to guard the women but also to guarantee their fidelity and ensure that the children born of these women were indeed those belonging to the wealthy man. It was usually only older, more prestigious men who had the sexual monopoly on women within the harem, so there had to be some outlet for those men who were too young and too poor to support even one wife, let alone many. The alternative at that point for these men was rape and continuous class and age warfare.

Thus the harem bred its direct opposite, the brothel, where several men could use the services of a single woman. This new institution continued to develop within the minds of men the division of women into Madonna’s and whores, with one structure devoted to procreation and the other to what we now call recreational sex. It also continued the separation of sexuality and spirituality.

Yet all was not lost. Within all mystic religions woman continued to be held sacred. Initiates into the mysteries were taught that the Feminine was a concept that was carnal, mystical and religious all at once. The wisdom of the Feminine was some-times known as the ‘whore wisdom’ and came from knowledge of the ‘rose’ Eros.These teachings were known as Sacred Sexuality.

Sacred Sexuality was practiced throughout the East in their mystic teachings, with the core of their belief being the idea that sensuality and sexuality is from the heavens. The act unites Heaven and Earth together in a joyous union, releasing immense creativity and energy and rejuvenating the lovers in an exceptional way – right down to the very core of their being at a cellular level. It was the alchemists aim to bring the erotic and the spiritual together.

Sacred Sexuality most likely stemmed from an Egyptian commensurate of Tantrism and Taoism. In the text ‘Erotic Papyrus of Turin’, there is evidence of the teachings of the alchemists. This text until recently was considered by Western academics as an example of Egyptian pornography, a viewpoint that is reactionary and a prime example of their misunderstanding. That which Western academics view as pornography was actually a religious ritual for the Egyptians. Some of their most sacred rites were sexual, such as the Pharaohs’ consort being obliged to masturbate him daily as part of their religious observances. The full extent of these teachings is not known, as the Church has suppressed much of the writings for fear of the power contained in their teachings. However, what is known is that the temples that the Goddess Isis ran her sacred rituals from were used for a very special purpose.

Isis’s followers actually took the energy of sex and used it to create leylines, as well as to help invigorate and energise the harvests and plantations. During a sacred ritual, partners (who rarely ever changed) would perform a sacred sex ritual in a temple where they would go off as couples into rooms on their own where they would make love and dedicate the energy of their union to whatever the group had decided upon prior to commencing the ritual, and at the point of orgasm, if, let’s say, the dedication had been towards strengthening the leyline that ran around the world from a certain point, they would push the energy of their orgasm out towards that leyline. They knew where the leylines were because they were skilled astronomers and astrologers, and sacred geometricians. They could pinpoint where the leylines were by studying the stars.

Or, if the dedication had been to energise the crop this season, then the energy of the orgasm was direction towards the crop. These rituals were extremely powerful and were the reason why the group that followed Isis were murdered. The evil leaders who understood the power of these rituals murdered every single one of the temple goddesses and their consorts in an attempt to prevent the good work they were doing, then went on to propagate a lie about who these people were and what they were doing. The lies we know of today are about the Cult of Isis being a group that had mass orgies, but this is incorrect.

Man’s fear of the power of this sacred sexuality that woman was key to, was to manifest itself in the mass slaughter of women throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Her wondrous attraction became a terrible cross for her to bear, especially if she was also privy to the secret knowledge that was passed down from mother to daughter in an attempt to perpetuate that knowledge from ancient times. If she was attractive and wise, she was either persecuted or murdered, as was evidenced in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance periods. This happened to the Cathars and the Templars, and of course reached its terrifying peak in the witch trials.

In the same way that Hitler needed to persecute and murder the Jews in order to prop up the concept that the Aryan’s were the ‘chosen’ race, the writers and followers of the monotheistic religions have become obsessed with the need to separate from women and place themselves ‘above’ her power. At one time men like this have authorised and encouraged a rampage of murder of anyone thought to be a witch throughout Europe. A person only had to be female to be in danger of losing her life. We see this process of rebellion and attack in effect whenever ideas about Sacred Sexuality are expressed – as happened once again in France in the nineteenth century.

Still today it is not deemed O.K. for women to be obviously comfortable with their sexuality. They must do so very subtly to avoid criticism. If a woman has a natural sensuality that she carries with her all the time and is deemed to be sexy, she will at some stage come under at least some criticism. No matter what she does someone will feel the need to try to subjugate her and control her, and other women will feel threatened by her for being in touch with her Aphrodite self, so it really doesn’t matter what she does. Someone somewhere isn’t going to like it.

There will always be someone who appears in a woman’s life and tries to put her down for her own unique approach towards who she is, no matter whether she is using her sexuality covertly, overtly or not at all. There are, fortunately, fewer restrictions on the moral code that bind women today, so in Western countries a woman can be aware of her attractiveness and dress to display that, and generally not feel ashamed that she is attractive. However, if she doesn’t set boundaries around her though she can draw towards her all sorts of unwanted attention from people who are attracted to the energy she exudes, and this can cause her unnecessary and sometimes very difficult problems to deal with.

It’s a very complex issue, because on the one hand the media is encouraging women to dress in a way that indicates that they are sex objects, and on the other hand is the ancient wisdom within women that tells them that they hold the power, but that they must use it wisely or it will actually harm them if they don’t.

The whole point of the media is to distract us from our true path, which is the path of going inwards. Socrates (469-399 BC) said “Know thyself”, and what he meant by that is to know yourself from the inside out is to become wise, because you tap into the wisdom that we all have access to that comes from Source. When you look within for answers, you stop leaning out into the world and because of that you stand straight. You stand straight etherically and you become strong. Women need to learn to throw away the magazines and turn off the television, and stop comparing themselves to others. They need to love themselves as they are, and know unequivocally that they have an inner beauty that far exceeds anything on the outside. They need to learn to look at the totality of who they are, not just what they look like. AND, they need to not allow any partner who might try to intimidate them into thinking that they have to step onto the merry-go-round of trying to have good looks and sex appeal in order to be beautiful. They already are beautiful, and if he doesn’t think so, someone else will. Next!!