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The following article has been put together from comments that I made under Teal’s video when I watched it a while back:

In the video above, Teal Swan talks about Sex, Love and Tantra. She mentions that humans come from apes, however, this idea that we are part primate is incorrect. Humans and apes don’t have the same number of chromosomes, so therefore it would be impossible for us to have evolved from apes. Humans stepped in from another dimension. There is no link between humans and primates.  In the celestial dimensions we have one partner, not many.  For Teal to be encouraging people to have multiple partners is simply her trying to make herself right, not in anyone else’s eyes, but in her own.  I can assure the reader that multiple partners do not empower a woman.  Multiple partners enforce a shallow connection and lack of self-worth.  Men and women are very different, as I mentioned in my previous article. They are hormonally wired differently. Women are wired to want one partner so that they can create a family. Men are hormonally wired to mate with many, but emotionally, they are still looking for a similar connection to the love and nurture that they received from their mother.  In the video above Teal is talking about a very ordinary, base, carnal view of relationships and sexual encounters.  She isn’t talking about the advanced soul’s journey.

My teacher of 25 years sums up the understanding that we did not evolve from apes with his post listed here:  http://www.stuartwilde.com/2009/02/where-did-humans-come-from-the-fourth-alternative/   Stuart quotes some interesting facts in this article.

Yes, humans are essentially animals with animal drives, however, our aim is to work towards evolving, and so to remain undisciplined in the area of sexuality holds us back substantially on our spiritual walk through life.

There is a very interesting pic that rotates back around to my feed on Facebook every few months, of a very sexy woman dressed in just a singlet top, knee-high boots and knickers, blocking the path across a rope and plank bridge, underneath which the title Monty Python and the Holy Grail is written, with the caption “You Shall Not Pass”.  This pretty much sums up the main block in many people’s path towards gathering the energy needed to be able to evolve beyond this base, earthly dimension. They get stuck at the part of the journey where they have to learn to resist the temptation of sex. For men, a beautiful woman is a huge distraction when he is working towards raising his energy on his spiritual journey. Many never get past this temptation.  This is a good reason for the benefits of marriage, if one is on a spiritual path in life.  Sexual needs can be met in a loving environment… thus the distraction of beautiful women can be forgotten.

You Shall Not Pass

The process of remaining chaste that so many yogis and evolving masters go through is not only done from a moral standpoint. It is done for a period of time to cleanse the body of all the energetic hooks and barbs that are collected when a person has multiple sexual encounters that aren’t experienced within a loving relationship. It’s not just about morality. It’s about cleansing the energy and cleansing the pelvic region of energetic threads that are left there when a person has sex with another and there is no respect for who that person is during the process. It’s easy to wear a mask and try to fool each other during such a process, but any unresolved issues or deep hatreds or intolerances of any kind can’t be hidden because they remain in the energy body, and these things get transferred when having sex.

Women who let men ejaculate inside them during what these days is called “social sex” do themselves a huge disservice. If the man does not have a deep reverence for women or for the woman he is with, the woman will later find that she has to cleanse her pelvic region of what is known as a “residue of grey sperm”, which is sperm that has been deposited in an unloving environment.  A truly spiritual union is going to be polluted by the leftovers of such encounters if a woman has allowed this to occur, because although the actual sperm is no longer there, the energy of it still is. One should have a period of abstinence and do cleansing processes if they want to prepare themselves for a twin-flame union.

To have a twin-flame union, the circle of love between the two must remain unbroken. It must be approached slowly enough to build the energies, and it must not be betrayed. To break it through infidelity allows the energy that is building between the two lovers to escape, lowering the energy of their union as well as their own individual energies.  It’s a multi-layered issue, which involves several reasons to support staying faithful.

If Teal is going to encourage women to experience the growth of having uncommitted sex and not feeling bad about themselves for doing so, she also needs to explain that it’s not a stage to stop at – it’s a stage to go through and come out of and go beyond.  To get stuck at the level of casual, impermanent sexual encounters that aren’t done within relationships is damaging to the soul.  Yes, sex is a path to experience the God-force, however, it is also a path to unhappiness if not approached wisely.

It’s the men that especially have a lot to learn in this department. But women can become their teachers by not having casual sex with them, and by making them wait until the energy has built enough to ensure that true love has begun to grow between each of them before giving in to sex.  Attraction is the seed. Making them wait is the earth and the air and the sunshine and water needed to make the seed grow.

The attraction always begins in the groin for a man.  If a woman allows a man to have sex with her when the energy still remains in the area of the sacral chakra and hasn’t yet risen to the heart chakra, then she can expect that he won’t want to develop their relationship beyond what he has already experienced with her.  A woman must make a man wait in order to force the energy that is in the sacral region up towards the heart region. Once this has occurred, when the two do have sex, there is genuine feeling and love there for the woman. It’s not about being a good girl or a bad girl. It’s about the dynamics of energy, which most people have no clue about.

There is genuine validity in the religious teachings that encourage abstinence prior to marriage, although, the energy levels don’t have to wait quite that long if a commitment has been made to stay together for a long time. Women hold the key though, because men are driven hormonally and will push, so it’s women who hold the ultimate power. If Teal truly wanted to talk about Female Power, she should be talking about this kind of power, not the power of having casual sex.  That isn’t true power really. True power is found in self-discipline, and the benefits of self-discipline are an energy bank that is full, not one that constantly gets depleted by giving away our energy to someone who doesn’t yet appreciate all that we are and all we have to give.

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