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mary magdelene most loved disciple

Mary Magdalene Most Loved Disciple of Jesus


Mary and Jesus knew each other well. After all, it wasn’t the first time they’d found one another again. You see, Mary Magdalene had previously incarnated at earlier lives and times, one of which she lived in Egypt and was an active participant in the ceremonies of Isis. This spiritual group held ceremonies that used the power of sexual energy to create good on the planet.

During their sacred sex ceremonies, each member of the group together with their one soul partner, would offer sacred ritual and prayer to the Earth prior to entering into a sacred sex act. These acts were done in private one-on-one, often with the same partner for many of them, but sometimes the partners would change for a period of time….. like the serial monogamy people have today when they have several relationships one after the other throughout their life.

During this life, Mary was one of the Queens in the group, and like a Queen Bee she would conceive children in the celestial dimensions who would become part of groups of souls that would enter into the bodies of new-born children, in order to raise the evolution of the next group of humans on the planet. Her partner that sired these souls during this time was Jesus in one of his previous incarnations.

The sacred sex rituals practiced by the followers of Isis would harness sexual energy and use it in a way akin to a Human HAARP system. Unlike HAARP (which is often used to do harm), their combined sexual energy was harnessed in order to do good. It was the enormous energy generated during these rituals that would be pushed out into the earth to create or strengthen Ley Lines, to strengthen harvests, to create rain to water the crops, and to help Gaia in various other ways.

All of the members of what is now known as The Cult of Isis were sacrificed within one 7 day period at the end of their period in Egypt. Those who did this were the Beings behind the dark bloodlines that have gone on to become the people in power today. Those Beings belong to a Hive mind – in other words, they are operated by 15 very very powerful dark masters, who slice a piece of their consciousness off and place it into their own soul offspring who become the people who take part in, for example, the Nazi regime and NATO with all it’s lies and deceptions. This is where their current obsession with breeding within their own bloodlines comes from – they don’t want their own energies being watered down through breeding with the star-seed humans. It’s not that we would pollute them, it’s more like they’d lose their desire to have control over others were they to breed with us.

Those who were in power at that time were quite aware of the need to wipe out the Isis Family, due to what the Queens were doing. The Queens were creating a new race of humans with a raised level of consciousness who would not acquiesce to being dominated or controlled by the Dark Cabal.  This scenario has played out for aeons, throughout the ages, again and again whenever the star-seed humans appear on earth.

mary magdalene most loved disciple

During that particular past-life Mary Magdalene was a sex goddess. Jesus, having had several incarnations with her, later reunited again with her during the life we know 2000 years ago. Both Jesus and Mary are incarnations of tenth dimensional Beings who have descended from the Celestial dimensions, and they too have pieces and parts of themselves in various different people all over the planet.

The fierce opposition to Mary came from her enormous sexual energy, one that was needed by Jesus to help support him in the powerful metaphysical and miraculous acts that he would perform. Without her his power was limited, but with her his power was amplified tenfold. Granted, without her his power was huge, but it became so, so much more once they were a couple.

mary magdalene most loved disciple

Due to the fact that most of the esoteric secrets about Mary have been taken out of the teachings about Christ’s life, people aren’t aware of the power that she had to heal. Credit for her healing powers are attributed to the oils that she used, however, this isn’t totally correct. Mary Magdalene was able to channel the energy of the Christ Consciousness down through her Crown chakra and out through her hands in order to heal, and her powers were what healed Jesus when she washed and anointed his feet with oils. The oils were special and did assist the process, but it was her own healing powers that healed Jesus on that particular occasion.

mary magdalene most loved disciple

Have you ever noticed that Goddess Lakshmi sits at Lord Vishnu’s feet massaging his feet? Well the story of Mary Magdalene massaging and washing Jesus’s feet could be very true but is also likely to be a repeat of the things that go on between them in the tenth dimension. Jesus was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and Mary Magdalene was an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. There is a popular image of them together with Lord Vishnu laid back on a lounge with his Cobras splayed behind his head, and Goddess Lakshmi sitting at his feet massaging them for him. Have you ever noticed that before? Interesting huh?

mary magdalene most loved disciple

In most of the pictures depicted of the Goddess Isis, we see her throwing fireballs with her hands, and the fireballs represent the Christ Light. This is a pictorial representation of what Isis could do with regards to healing and also with regards to using her hands to send the Christ Light at the demonic entities in the dimensions around her. Unless you are open-minded enough to be able to understand this, you’d probably disagree. To the sleeping masses the true meaning of this image is often hidden because the Church has made sure that the deeper esoteric truths of who is who and what is what remain hidden.

mary magdalene most loved disciple

Never would the Church let it be known that Mary Magdalene had the exact same powers as the Goddess Isis. Never would they teach about the connection between Mary Magdalene and Goddess Isis, let alone the relationship between Jesus and Mary. Never ever would the Church let the people know that all modern understanding of human spirituality goes right back to the Hindu teachings of the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita, and that the Gods and Goddesses written about in those books are the deities behind all of the various “sons” of God that have taught here on earth. Never would the Church explain that just as there is a Hive mind amongst the dark Cabal, so too is there a Hive mind amongst the Beings of the Light, and that there are many incarnations of those nine Light Beings who are referred to by different names in the teachings of all great masters.

mary magdalene most loved disciple

Notice in the images depicted of Goddess Lakshmi that she beams light out of the palm of one of her four hands? This is a pictorial representation of Goddess Lakshmi’s ability to heal with her hands, and because Mary Magdalene was an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, why would it be so surprising that she could heal with her hands? A human incarnation of a tenth dimensional being can simply touch you and you become healed, and they only have to raise their hands and beam light into a room and all dark energies within that room are annihilated. The dark cannot withstand the Light when the Light is directed with intention.

The stories of Mary Magdalene being a prostitute are twisted. She may have been drawn to work in the temples that still remained secretly located around Egypt after the destruction of the temples of Isis, and the death of the people involved in the Isis ceremonies hundreds of years beforehand, but her work was done to harness the energy of the Goddess. It was also done because her Kundalini was awakened, and the energy from her Kundalini was so powerful that it needed to be used in a constructive way or it would turn inward on her and destroy her. She chose to use it as a healing modality, as well as a creative modality.

Mary Magdalene is the woman mentioned more often than any other in the life of Christ in the Bible. Evidence of her importance is seen in the fact that she was the first to see Jesus alive after his death. His male disciples weren’t the ones to see him. Mary Magdalene was. She previously had had to put up with their jealousies which was a re-occurring lifetime after lifetime theme between her and them, and one that didn’t change in future lifetimes either. When certain authors of books that were included in the New Testament wrote about Jesus’s life, Mary’s part in it was downplayed because of those jealousies.

Jesus certainly considered her to be his closest disciple, because he appeared before her as the gardener after he rose again, which his why she didn’t recognise him until he transfigured into who he really was so that she could recognise him. She was in such a lot of emotional pain that she couldn’t think, and because of her pain she forgot that he was able to do these things. As soon as he shape-shifted to show her who he was, they spent a brief time talking prior to him transfiguring back again so that he could walk away unnoticed. We then have the account of the two disciples walking with him on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24: 13-32, and because he chose not to show them who he was by remaining transfigured, it took them until dinner before they realised that it was their beloved teacher. Once they realised who it was though, Jesus simply disappeared in front of their very eyes.

Jesus had the ability to disappear. In the early books of the New Testament where the account of Jesus disappearing in the marketplace after he got angry at the money changers in the Temple is written, those who were translating the writings didn’t realise that when it says he disappeared, he didn’t just get lost in the crowd. He went invisible. Tenth dimensional beings are able to do that.

After he transcended on the 40th day, it is said that Mary lived in a cave and never ate. It would seem more likely that at the back of that cave was a portal that she would step through in order to spend time with Jesus, which suggests that Mary’s abilities were certainly within the same range as Jesus’s. When he walked in to another body to be with her again (see this article here), they married and lived together in France, wrote the teachings of Mary Magdalene, and established the Church of Mary Magdalene. They had a child called Sarah who went on to teach what her parents taught her to those in her mother’s church after Jesus and Mary walked out of this dimension through a portal into the tenth dimension. Just like how Merlin and his wife Gwendolyn stepped through to the Camelot dimensions, Mary and Jesus knew how to step through time and space into what are sometimes known as air-cities.

There is a story of a group of people who lived in one of those dimensions at a place called Findlay in America, who had a whole community set up with houses, schools, halls and roads. No-one knew they were there, but one day a coach that was pulled by four horses rode through it, and suddenly the invisibility of that community was lost. Suddenly everyone could see them, as prior to this they had lived in the fifth dimension which is a place that people who live in the third dimension cannot see. These Hidden Camelots, as Stuart Wilde has named them, exist all around us. They are the places that we go to when we have evolved enough to step out of 3D, a goal that many people today are diligently working towards. It is the destiny of the star-seed children to arrive at those dimensions, whilst they help to remind others of their purpose here on earth as they journey on their way to those dimensions .

Regarding star-seed females, if you are one of them you are here with a purpose and your mission is firstly to remember what that purpose is. Ultimately, you are here to remember how to love one another, but the most important love is the love and respect that you have for yourself. This was the teaching that Mary Magdalene went on to share with the world through her Church in France after she reunited with Jesus when he walked back into another body to be with her. It’s the teaching that Jesus helped her to remember when she had forgotten it herself.

When a star-seed woman returns to Love, she experiences oneness and total unity with the whole of creation. This is her purpose – to unite with herself so that she can love others. The greatest gift she can bring to those in her life is to emanate a pulse of unconditional Love to everyone that she comes into contact with. It’s a pulse of energy that beams out from her, stemming from her centre and going outwards for miles and miles around her. It comes from her love of and unification with herself, and her unification with Source energy. It’s a hidden power that can’t be seen by others or shown to anyone, but rather can only be felt by the fact that the woman who contains that power feels so good to be around.

Those who are aspects of the Hive mind of Dark Beings are very aware of the power of a star-seed woman’s energy, including her sexual energy, especially if she is a Queen breeder. Even if she isn’t one of the Queens, even if she’s only an offspring of a Queen, if she channels her sexual energy into creative projects in her life she’s still very much a threat to those who control this earthly dimension. Those same lower vibrational Dark Beings who are in leadership positions within society and who are aware of these esoteric truths are very concerned about the offspring that result from the breeders, because their enlightened consciousness cannot be easily suppressed and their abilities can disempower the Dark Beings’ power once they learn how to use them. The Dark Cabal will do as much as possible to prevent the star-seed children that exist on earth at the moment being able to use their abilities and creativity. Thus exists the various methods of control such as vaccines, chemtrails, fluoride in water and other such suppressive / oppressive means for the Dark Cabal to make us forget who we are.

The Roman Church hid the knowledge of Mary Magdalene’s role in Jesus’ life. It began at the Council of Nicea in 324 AD. Those who chose the books to include in the Bible when at that meeting did so in a crafty way that not only created an image in the minds of the people of a bad woman whom Jesus rescued, but also divided women into two categories: mothers and whores. Mothers are good. Whores are bad. Divide and conquer and discredit Jesus’s partner so that the feminine sexual aspect of human spirituality is never recognised as the powerful creative force that it is.

No matter what women are taught to believe about themselves, all women are beautifully attractive in their own way and they don’t have to do a thing for men to be drawn to them. Telling them that if they aren’t a virgin when they get married means that they are a bad woman is a way to have them feel shame and to easily control them. These types of restrictions will either make or break an individual. Those who go beyond them become very strong. Those who collapse under the weight of them usually end up arranging an early departure from this world, sadly, or they fail to bring their creativity to the world in a way that helps both themselves and others. They end up living a life with no meaning or purpose with a constant feeling of emptiness and lack of direction inside.

The star-seeds have an inner knowing and a power that the Dark Beings feel the urge to suppress. That power is a connection to a great source of Light that comes from the Celestial dimensions, and it’s a power that obliterates the darkness in an instant. In order to suppress this power, the Dark Cabal (also known as the Illuminati) have to work with the female mind, which they do by degrading and slandering women, and by making female sexual energy a dangerous and shameful thing. The Cabal owns the media, and they use it as a tool to control and manipulate those that they want to have power over – namely us. The effect of such treatment has women constantly in conflict over who they are, and many never reach acceptance of themselves. This approach is just one of the ways that women are kept ”in their place”.

Another approach is to grant women extreme freedom, which puts them at the other end of the spectrum where once again they are out of balance. We now see role models like Miley Cirus and Lady Gaga (I know why the word ‘gag’ is in her name – she makes me want to gag) encouraging women to throw away all sense of morals, which displaces the balance that women need in their lives. It seems to me that now that women won’t accept being downtrodden, they are now being encouraged to be so loose with their morals that they are going to the opposite extreme in behaviour but still feeling the same level of imbalance. I’m sure that it is all engineered to be this way for the purpose of disempowering us.

It’s time to recognise what is going on and not allow ourselves to be affected by the mental prisons that are imposed on us by the conditioning we are exposed to by the media, the Church and by those who have been affected by that conditioning whom we interact with each day. What constitutes femininity? A vast array of traits and characteristics constitute being a woman, being feminine – not just sexuality. We need to incorporate an inner landscape into our lives so that the outer world that pulls and pushes on us so incredibly hard won’t have us leaning out, wanting things that won’t really make us happy at the end of the day. It is only the inner landscape that will satisfy us and give us peace, and by incorporating it into our lives we put the balance back where it belongs.

It’s also time to stop making women who do integrate all of the different aspects of themselves and who do embrace their sexuality in a healthy way, wrong for having integrated that part of themselves. There is nothing wrong with dressing attractively – it makes a woman feel good about herself to know that she looks good, which helps her pass on those good feelings to others. If she is also then working on becoming a mature and whole individual by working on her inner landscape, then once she does embrace all of who she is, she will realise that there is no longer a need to use the power that comes from being attractive. Then again, she may never have misused it. It is usually only when she is disconnected from her own spiritual oneness that she would be inclined to use her power inappropriately, which is something that most women would naturally want to correct once they found their way back to their own centre again.

Women are wisest when they approach sexuality in a pure way and respect other people’s relationships as well as other people’s values. There’s plenty of wisdom in the perspective that it is better to wait until you really know someone before giving yourself fully to the one you love, and the reason for that is so that sexual power doesn’t get misused and doesn’t tow you around by your groin.  Sexual energy is a force so powerful that when not handled correctly it can be very destructive. Own it, but don’t abuse it. Sense it moving within you and find ways to control yourself when you feel affected by your own sexual energies rising. Channel it into creative pursuits or into a relationship that has meaning and purpose and that brings you happiness.

Become educated and remember who you are. Unravel from the limitations set upon you by others.  Free your mind.  Return to Love.

© eaglelady888