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creating a soul

In my previous article I wrote about Mary Magdalene and how she played a major part in the creation of souls during the incarnation she had in Egypt, where she was one of the sacred temple goddesses – one who took part in the ceremonies of Isis.


The Gods and Goddesses who are part of the group that created this planet, and who rule in the inner worlds have always been here in one form or another. They incarnate at different times to bring forth souls who will counter the negativity that often wants to swamp the planet and drag us into self-hatred and self-destruction.


They incarnated during the time of Merlin, and they incarnated just recently. I say incarnated rather than re-incarnated, because these souls know past, present and future lives at the time of their incarnation. They are often too large and powerful just to incarnate into the one body, however, they usually will be represented by one main speaker who leads and teaches the mysteries on their own. The rest go about their lives more quietly, while still having a dramatic impact upon the lives of those around them.


The man who came to destroy the ghouls was an incarnation of Vishnu, who had previously appeared as Merlin and prior to that was Jesus. His partner, who has always incarnated with him whenever he has been on earth, incarnated here recently as well. Together they gave birth in the spirit dimensions to the souls of the people who are the Indigos. Those people are now marrying and having children of their own, and the children of the Indigos are known as Crystals.


My friend Frank Pizzoferrato has written what he knows of these children. I quote him here:


“The future belongs to our star-seed children: they can sense the Aliveness and the planet needs role models in creating others to become alive. The old matrix is dying and will eventually self destruct.


The star-seed children have been born with new codes of consciousness: they can see, feel, taste, hear and enter hyperspace holographic dimensions without the use of substance.

They have entered the planet to create a new dawning to free humanity, bring freshness to an old worn out consciousness. They know and see things more than old folks give them credit for.

The star-seed children know that discoveries happen with an open mind, and in an open heart. They can sense frequencies morphing in and out of view.

Its surreal to them, there is no second guessing, they can bend reality, view holographic dimensions as misty, wavy, soapy, light fluid transparency. They know the discoveries are within the receptivity of an Open Anahata.

~So here’s a tip~
When you stop chasing and pushing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to pull towards you and catch up into your direction.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

But before you can begin this process of transformation you have to stop doing the things that have been holding you back and one them is “Stop spending time with the Wrong people”.

Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the organic life-force juices of happiness out of you.

You need freshness, aliveness, invigorating life-force organic juices around you, and not thick stale dead beats around you.

Make room for less intentions and expectations and witness your own magical mystical jewels emerge from within you.

If someone wants you in their life, they’ll make room for you. Never subjugate your Self Worth to anyone.

True friendships and wholesome realistic facilitators, is when Love Consciousness members stand by your side when you’re at your worst and allow you to heal ancient pain, they become your true friends and supportive healing teacher.”

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If you sense that you are an Indigo or a Crystal, then you are one of the star-seed children that Frank talks about in the quote above. It’s very important that you protect your Light from the takers of this world. You have come from a Divine heritage, and you must protect your gifts and learn to develop them so that your light can shine brightly and help create a new resonance on this beautiful planet we call earth.


indigo girl

You have many brothers and sisters all over the planet, and you will be drawn to find one another because it is your destiny to do so. Never feel that you are alone, because you are constantly being loved, watched and protected, and Divinely guided.


Go forth and become all that you can be. Namaste.