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the unwelcome guests

At my other sites, I have written a lot about the differences between the biology of men and women. The knowledge of such mundane things is vital in order to go beyond the cycle of domestic violence, because once you understand what to expect from your own or from your partner’s behaviour, you can often make allowances for their sometimes confusing ways. You can have compassion for innocent mistakes, and you can know when you are justified to feel suspicious of or offended by behaviour that is not acceptable within a committed relationship. Male and female biological differences include differences in brain structure, brain chemistry and hormonal chemistry, which result in differing levels of emotional responses to the world. The understanding of this can, when two conscious and awake people enter into a relationship, benefit the relationship in that one person brings the things needed to the relationship that the other lacks and vice versa. It can also be the downfall of the relationship if the individuals within the relationship don’t have a holistic understanding of life, including the spiritual aspect of being human.

If you have read other writings here, you’ll realise that my knowledge of spiritual matters includes having experienced angelic human and spiritual beings as well as demonic human and spiritual ones. By studying with my teacher, and through the experiences that I’ve had and the things that I’ve seen and had my eyes opened to while learning from him, I now know that there is a hierarchy of angelic as well as demonic beings that exist here on earth, as I just said, both in human form and in spiritual form.

human angelsI’ve read the Bible and learned from ministers and fellowship leaders, but they failed to give me the answers I needed at the time. So very early on I went away from religion and lived as an atheist. Being an atheist didn’t help me in the slightest. After a period of five years I returned, wanting to discover the truth about the things that Jesus had been teaching. Fortunately I linked with a man who became my teacher for the next 25 years. In learning from him, I can now read books such as the Bible and understand the esoteric symbolism in those books, and the astro-theological meaning of that symbolism. I can also see where vital information is missing from the Bible, so I don’t just rely on the modern day Bible for what I need to know. I search far and wide for the answers, many of which can be found in the writings of my teacher and in the writings of other students that have learned from him. I have studied many articles and many different books on the various world religions, from Christianity to Hinduism, from Buddhism to Scientology, from Taoism to Gnosticism, and from David Icke to the writings of Osho, and many, many other teachings.

Christ as Krishna

Now, the Bible is a magical book, however, most of the people who teach what is written in the Bible often fail to understand or teach its full meaning due to not having had good teachers of their own. To quote my teacher, “Very few Christians know that Jesus is a great celestial warrior, closely linked to the warrior Gods, Shiva, Vishnu and Hanuman. Vishnu came to kill the ghouls and wipe away degradation, and Jesus is Vishnu. He is an incarnation of Vishnu because he is an incarnation of Krishna, and Krishna was an incarnation of Vishnu. Jesus is linked to the child in the Book of Revelation, he is the child, and the child is the Hindu God Kalki that rules the ghouls with a rod of iron for a thousand years after the Restoration. The rod of iron is not a piece of metal – it is a fractal antenna (a code) like Sierpinski’s gasket. Once that code is over the world the ghouls won’t be able to get in.” Only someone who truly understands the hidden meaning of what is written in the Bible is advanced enough to explain these things. Prior to his death, my teacher was shown the 960 levels of the Hell Worlds as well as many of the angelic beings that are here fighting to release the stronghold of evil that exists in this dimension, so he definitely knows what he is talking about.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we are surrounded by entities that often don’t have our best interests at heart, and who enjoy creating conflict in our lives.

Cosmic Christ

I grew up in a home where there was violence and constant fights and arguments, and later went into relationships where things were more or less the same. Fortunately, I have broken that pattern now, but not without having gone through a long period of healing and learning, which needed to be done in order to break free of the generational pattern that I inherited from my parents. From reading the right information I was able to free my mind regarding different ways of viewing the world, which often took me from one relationship to another as I became more open and understanding of humans and their plight. I also needed the training and support to understand and realise that there is a much bigger battle going on than simply an earthly one. There is a spiritual battle for our souls as well.

When very young I was able to see nature spirits in the vegetable garden at the very end of our backyard, but my ability to see them diminished when I witnessed my father break my mother’s nose in front of me when I was three years old. He never hit my mother in front of me again, but he would be very degrading of her with his words. I had many magical abilities as a child, however, I was very alone with those things because of the pain that both of my parents were in. That pain caused my mother to demand that I satisfy her need to be loved, which was an impossible expectation of a child so young and should not have been required of me in the first place.

I can see fairies

Anyway, a little later on in my life when I was eight years old, I actually saw a demon in my room out of my peripheral vision, and it frightened the life out of me. I now realise that in my fright it jumped into my energy field and stayed with me for many years thereafter. It was exorcised by someone who is competent at such matters about three years ago.

exorcising the demon

From the time that the demon first was with me, I experienced being freezing cold whenever I was at home, no matter what time of the year it was. Even childhood friends whom I still have contact with as adults say that the home I lived in was freezing cold to walk into, which they did not like and did not feel inclined to want to visit. My room was cold, and the fights and arguments in the house increased to the point of hatred amongst my mother, father, brother and I. There was definitely something more sinister going on in the home I grew up in, not simply just domestic violence, although I suspect that the evil spiritual trespasser who had jumped me when I was eight years old felt that our home was a good place to make his home, due to the pain, anger and violence that was in both of my parents.

Looking back at my childhood with the understanding that I have now, and looking back at my life and the experiences I’ve had throughout my life, I can see that a spiritual battle has ensued in my life for as long as I can remember. Tonight I read an article and watched a video that claimed that most demonic possession occurs in women rather than men. Considering what I’ve learned and experienced, I would have to agree with that.

demon in my head

According to a certified Filipino exorcist, women are prone to demonic possession because they are generally more “psychic and intuitive” than men. “They are more open to the spiritual world,” said Fr. Jose Francisco Syquia, a professor of spiritual theology at the San Carlos Seminary and one of the few “designated” exorcists in the local Catholic hierarchy,” as quoted by The Inquirer News Service (Nov. 1, 2005). Fr. Syquia has worked with Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s Chief Exorcist. For the full article on this, please see http://wtchdktr.livejournal.com/2506.html

Also, women are more biologically inclined to have emotional cycles of ups and downs than men and become the main targets of demons because of the fact that they can feed off any extremes of emotion in unaware and undisciplined individuals. Thus, once they enter into the spirit body of a woman and use her as a vessel to operate through, they can then lead a woman to do things that are destructive in her relationships with the men in her life, be they brothers, father, sons or partners. However, having said that, demons will also use angry, violent men as vessels through which to operate – they don’t restrict their possession only to women. But the tendency is to possess women more-so than men.

demon and sleeping woman

A commenter on a post in a forum that I was researching said this about women and Demons:  “In my travels, the Demen-sional beings have a thirst for the menstrual blood of woman. It’s like utopia for them. A woman is the womb for life and she is like a sponge when it boils down to housing energy. Most Demen-sional beings will slowly break down their victim in order to “Taste” the meal before fully indulging in the sweet nectar. The passive energy within her attracts these beings like magnets. This is the TRUE meaning to why in Islam, they cover their women (They are shielding them from the Jinns who can inhabit men, who will then want to take the women as they please).”

I can say with certainty about the above quote, that the part which explains why in Islam women are required to be covered is an extremely poor form of protection if the person who wrote the words is referring to the women. If on the other hand, the writer is referring to the men looking at the women, then it would help them not to lust after the women. However, clothing absolutely cannot prevent anything that is spiritual from entering into the energy field of a human. A demon will only enter if the recipient is either in deep fear, deep anger, is overtaken by greed or is lustful. The only way to prevent that is to pray for protection and also learn what to do to protect oneself from being attacked by demons, and from being possessed by them. See the Stuart Wilde article listed in the link about called Protection from Entities. However, the part about menstrual blood in the previous quote is correct. Demons do feast on menstrual blood, so it is very important that women are particularly careful about cleanliness while on their moons.

voices in my head

It’s a demon’s job to create fear and insecurity – this is how it manages to gain control over an individual’s mind. As I have mentioned in other posts here on my site, all of the images of women that we see in advertising and marketing, in movies and on the television, all are designed to create a division in the minds of women as to what look is deemed beautiful and what look isn’t. This is the first step in creating insecurity in a woman. Then, when and if a demon ever manages to get into her psyche, it will oppress and attack her by talking into her mind about how very unattractive she is. Usually, the words come from the right hand side (because the right brain is the area of logic and rationality whereas the left is the area of creativity and intuition), and they are said from the perspective of “I” in order to fool her into thinking that the words are her own. For example, statements like “I’m not good enough”, or “I’m not skinny enough” are often not even her own thoughts. They are thoughts that have been projected at her from the demonic entities that have decided to make her their host. Those entities will use the “I” word when they speak silently into her mind, so that she assumes that the thoughts being projected at her are her own.


Eating disorders are very common in women who have a demonic entity attached to them. The eating disorder is the result of the demon telling her that she isn’t good enough the way she looks, and it is a form of control over her life. The anxiety that is created from having a fear of not being loved and accepted because of the way she looks, is a virtual feast for the entities that are with the woman. So the entity will chatter away, saying things like “I’ll never be good enough,” or “I’m not worthy of being loved,” or “I’m too fat,” or “I’m not smart enough,” or “I’m not pretty enough” etc. etc. Another of the demons methods is to cause the woman to become argumentative and rebellious, which creates more fights and arguments between her and her partner, and among the other members of the house when she has or is part of a family.

Then, when and if she ever does feel that she’s attractive enough, these demonic entities will attempt to use her to entice and seduce men who have little willpower to resist her and who get off on casual sex. The demon’s goal is not to have her in a loving relationship, because true unconditional love is an abomination to these entities. Their goal is to keep both women and men longing for love, thus the sexual encounters that they will have will mostly be with those who are already partnered or who have absolutely no desire to be partnered. When those who don’t mention that they are partnered do enter into casual trysts, they cause destruction to their own relationship because nothing is ever hidden. Everything we think and do is recorded in our energy field. By an entity suggesting silently in the astral realms that the man or woman it is speaking to do things that are not honest, and that don’t ultimately give them what they want or need, these demons who network amongst themselves cause havoc over a broader range of relationships and throughout a larger number of individuals. Every pain we feel, every time we get angry, every fear we have is food for them.

longing for love

Most people aren’t aware that demons talk to one another in the spirit dimensions and arrange for a situation that will cause the most pain to those involved, where one is very vulnerable to the chaos or heartache that will be caused by the tryst. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I was unable for many years to let a loving man into my life because I had one of these entities using me as a host. I would push love away, because true unconditional love would have caused that entity to have to find somewhere else to live, however, it was taking far too many liberties through me to want to leave. I finally found a man that I was able to open up my heart to, however, even after we began living together he wasn’t interested in committing to our relationship and took all the energy he could get from me. It was a very disappointing relationship and an even more painful breakup, which added to my reluctance to get involved again. I only became able to love and be loved once I addressed the spiritual reason for my inability to find love, so I truly do know what I am talking about when I write these things here.

woman in red

Initially, what tends to occur when the woman realises that she is sexually attractive, is that she begins to dress in a way that displays her body more openly than she should be doing if she doesn’t want to be raped or if she doesn’t want to be seductive/seduced. When taken to the extreme, she becomes aware of the power she holds in the way she looks, so then she uses her attractiveness to get what she wants out of men. This is where women who are possessed by demons can cause a smear on all women’s reputations due to the way they act, mostly through lack of awareness and because they do not have total control over themselves due to being host to one or several evil entities. They usually don’t know that they are being used by demons to cause destruction and chaos.

Mind you, I’m not talking about the sex had between two people who are not involved with other people, and who agree to have non-committed, consensual regular sex. Or, even one-off sex, for that matter. However, it is difficult to find two people who do not attempt to take energy from each other during such an encounter.  Casual sex under those conditions is often a tug-of-war for energy, which essentially is the same thing as what I am describing here where demons feed off the energy of the people that they hang around.  In nearly all instances, one partner comes away well fed energetically, while the other feels drained and used. My issue with non-committed casual sex is not a moral one. It’s more about the equal give and take of energy, which rarely happens under these circumstances.

What the Bible says about the Devil originally being one of the Lord’s disciples is correct. This is why so many people get led astray, because demons are highly familiar with the teachings of and the methods of the Lord, and as the Bible says, they can appear as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Deceivers will tell you 80% truth and 20% lies, and very cunning deceivers will tell you 90% truth and 10% lies, but the lies are critically placed so that they will lead you the wrong way. Unfortunately, during this age where we are experiencing the events that were recorded in the Book of Revelations, a seeker must sincerely want to become good-hearted and kind, because it is not through the words we speak that we will gain the support and protection we need from our angelic protectors. It is due to the intentions that we have and the love and acceptance that we offer to others that we will either open or close the door to our own redemption.


In this spiritual battle that we all are faced with, it’s important to soak your mind in knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, and it’s important to work towards becoming pure of heart. What that means is to have no antagonism towards others, to tell no lies, and to cause no intentional harm to another. It means to have acceptance of where people are at, even if you don’t agree with them, and it means to forgive people for the things they did against you. It’s about becoming soft in your energy, which doesn’t mean that you make a doormat of yourself, but it does mean that you become kind and generous, and that you care about others and not just yourself. Then, when you are being lied to by these entities that attempt to talk into your mind, you will know that what they are telling you isn’t right. You will know right from wrong. The Devil and his minions can only successfully persuade those who don’t know what is right from what is wrong to go the wrong way.

reading with friend

Domestic violence is often a spiritual war as much as one between two people. Remember, you can’t heal a situation unless you approach it from all angles, so if you sense that there’s an evil entity with you or affecting your relationship, then do what needs to be done in order to rid your relationship of that entity. The medical profession will simply not acknowledge that quite a high number of mental illnesses are actually caused by spiritual entities, and the reason for that is that if they did, they wouldn’t be able to sell their pharmaceutical drugs to people once they got well. No, no, they could never have that now could they!? (please excuse my cynicism).

Get back to basics and search your heart for whether you feel that your house has more inhabitants that you can see with your eyes, and nine times out of ten the answer will be yes. Don’t try to convince your partner of what you sense is occurring, because there’s a high likelihood that he is being affected by one or more evil entities too. Just go about ridding yourself of any entities that have hitch-hiked on your own energy field. It’s important to realise that unless you approach your healing from all perspectives, you probably aren’t ever going to get well again, and you’ll probably always end up in the same type of violent relationship, even if you do leave the relationship that you are in now.

Blessings and Peace. Be better.