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Happy Family

I am writing this article in response to the question of where the basic unit of society actually originates. It’s pretty obvious to me where it starts – it begins with the family unit. However, not all families contribute to creating a good foundation within society, especially with all of the stresses on modern families. After observing my own parent’s marriage and experiencing living in a house where there was violence and where my father insisted that my mother go out to work because he didn’t want her “bludging off him”, along with all the other abusive behaviour that came as a result of both of their remarkably damaged selves, I began at a very young age to look at what makes a marriage happy.

Through questioning the way things were in my own childhood, I came to the following conclusions:

Firstly, we are all brainwashed into being massive consumers who “must have this and must have that” if we are to be happy. The brainwashing is done through the television, which offers free-to-air viewing and is cleverly used as a mass mind control implement. It is very insidious in its techniques of brainwashing, and creates multiple urges within men and women to go chasing after the money that they think they need to have. The brainwashing is done initially so that the targeted audience can buy all that stuff that they see advertised on the television, and on top of that, it’s to make the audience feel that they need those things in order to have status and be looked upon favourably by those around them because they have the trophies of their achievement to show for who they are (supposedly). My questions here are “What makes a person who they are? Is it the things they own, or is it what they bring to the world in the way of kindness, forgiveness, love and compassion?” I think it’s pretty obvious what the true answer to those questions is.

Secondly, I worked out that although the women’s liberation movement was a good move to some extent, it was also manipulated into occurring by the Rothchild Family so that once women entered the workforce, the cost of living and the price of real estate would rise. Also too, now there are two people paying taxes instead of just one. In actuality, this was to benefit those who are behind the scenes in the grander scale of things, and when one looks very closely at who that might be, the trail leads back to those who own and create the money. “Who owns the money?” you ask. The Federal Reserve Bank own the money. “Who are the owners of the Federal Reserve?” you ask. The owners of the Federal Reserve are its original monetary funders – the Rothschild’s – along with all of the privately owned banks that now are shareholders in the Federal Reserve.

“Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States [and other countries’] Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States [and other countries] for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders.”

– The Honorable Louis McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee in the 1930s

Now why do I say that it all leads back to them? Well think about it.  Even though they don’t appear to own the land that your home is on, or the home you live in for that matter, they do in fact own it if you have a mortgage.  If you don’t have full ownership of your land and house outright, then the owners of your property are the Banks, and all Banks lead back to the Federal Reserve. Do you see what I am saying here?

We’ve been tricked by this massive mind control campaign into thinking that we are free, but we’re not.  Hundreds of years ago it used to be that when slaves had slave owners, the slave owner had to feed, clothe, look after the medical requirements of and house the slaves. These days the money owners tell us that we are free, but we’re not – we now have to feed, clothe, look after our own medical requirements and house ourselves. We’re just given the illusion that we’re free. The whole system is set up to enslave us. Tell me, how can a piece of land that was provided by God, that has a house built on it by man at the cost of about $30,000 in building materials, be worth $400,000 in Sydney? Perhaps less than that in Brisbane or Adelaide, but I’m attempting to make a point here. Also, how can a pharmaceutical industry justify creating and charging high prices for drugs made of synthetic copies of chemical compounds that Nature produces and gives away free within a range of plants that grow freely and have been used for thousands of years to heal mankind? Do my questions make sense to you?  Who decides where these values come from? Who decides what the worth is anyway? Do you see?

The value of land and property is a perceived value which is manipulated into being by those who control the market. Those who control the market include those who control the media, because the media influences public perception.  And yet, the perceived value of real estate keeps being re-evaluated, helped along by the media’s mouthpiece: the television and/or newspapers. The idea is propogated that a certain value is accorded to a particular type of house in a particular suburb or area, and so that’s what gets accepted by the public. That is, until the public learns to withdraw their energy from the system. Currently, we’re in a system designed to bleed and enslave us, and until we decide not to co-operate with that system, we will never be free. I don’t mean “be confrontational’. What I mean is learn to take responsibility for all areas of our lives, including money.  This whole world is run on money, and it’s very unfortunate that we must learn the money game if we are to succeed at all, but if we do, we can then concentrate on developing ourselves and becoming strong so that we don’t need governments and money owners telling us what to do all the time.

My father began his own business when I was 12 years of age, and even back then I came to the conclusion that running your own business isn’t the ultimate in freedom….. not until you are making ALOT of money it isn’t. It does give you some freedom, and is preferable to working for other people because you begin to create your own reality when you are self-employed, however, a business owner is still a slave to the regular commitments he or she must meet if he or she is to pay his or her way through the hard yakka of making his or her way into a position of having financial leeway within what he or she earns. There are two sides to being in business for yourself – one: the business owner has to know their skill or product and make it available to his or her customers at a realistic fee in an organised way, and two: make the business profitable. Running a business and making money are two different things. It isn’t true that just because someone owns their own business that they are raking in the dough. But that’s a topic for another article to be written later.

Now getting back to how this affects modern-day marriage, well…. think about it. These days women don’t have a choice whether or not they want to work. Real Estate prices are such that if they want to pay off a house within a marriage, the two marriage partners both have to work. If they live in a city, unless they are both curious enough to want to know how to make good money without having to work phenomenal hours and they go searching for businesses that will allow them to do that, they are going to enter into a career that they are interested in which may or may not pay the kind of money that will give them financial leeway. They aren’t usually aware that they have that choice, nor are they aware of how the system is manipulated to benefit those at the top of the chain, and so they work hard because they have been taught that working hard is honourable and the way to be happy, without knowing that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Thirdly, I have noticed that there are side effects to having both mother and father working. What happens to the children when both parents are working?  Well, the usual thing is that they are put into childcare or pre-school. Not only do your children not get to spend time with the two people in their lives who really do love them, but other people that are already indoctrinated into being good little slaves are put in charge of them, and those people get to teach your children how to act and operate in the world. It’s like a roll of the dice…. sometimes you’re lucky and your children’s carers are good and decent people, but often they are unaware, dumbed-down individuals who innocently don’t realise that what they are teaching your children is a limited way of being.

Schools yet further limit your children’s development. Two hundred years ago, schools were small and did not have an organised curriculum like there is today. Subjects were more relevant to the practical lives that most people lived. History was closer to the truth than not, and although life was still pretty basic, children were encouraged to develop the whole of themselves, not just their intellectual non-emotional mind.

The history of the world that children are taught today is mostly false, with only that which trains kids into thinking a certain way being permitted to be taught. I always knew that I was being lied to when I was at school, not that the teachers were necessarily aware of what they were participating in, mind you. From my own experience of school, I was bored to death with the things that I was taught…. and I knew fully well that the system was attempting to indoctrinate me into becoming a good little slave.  Fortunately, because I was aware of that, I haven’t become a good little slave at all, but that’s another story for another time. My point here is, if you aren’t the one focussing and concentrating upon your child’s development, then how are they going to turn out?  If you don’t have time to dedicate to their upbringing, then who are they going to become?  A drone of the state government?  Well?  Believe it or not, that’s actually what the powers-that-be want.  Click on the following link to watch a video recorded by a man who knew in 1969 what the world agenda was for the coming 50 years ahead:  New World Order Plan  I have a post with a summary of the information in the video over here: New World Order Agenda

The way I see things, we have to learn to be happy without stuff. We have to downgrade and get back to nature. We have to turn off the television and throw it out, or shoot it – use it for target practice or something. Just get rid of it. We have to move away from cities where the powers-that-be can herd us up and collect us if they want.  We have to become self-sufficient and withdraw our energy from the system if we are to collapse their plans for our future.  We have to wake up!!

We also need to realise that we can create our future. We can take control of our thoughts, and in doing so, control our moods to a large degree, and learn to harness the ability to manifest the things we need in our lives simply by thinking them into being.  We need to undo what we’ve been taught about ourselves by the indoctrination of a mindless string of distractions, such as dramas created by fighting and jealousy, and cheesy entertainment that neither educates nor challenges our perspective, and news that outright disinforms and leads us astray. We must learn to question everything that the system gives us, and look for alternative answers to how to become the powerful beings that such great leaders as Jesus taught us that we are.

Marriage can only be a success when the time needed to make it a success is given to it.  Love is concentration, and you can’t concentrate upon someone or some task if you aren’t present and don’t have the energy to give to the moment.  If you’re exhausted from doing too much, then how on earth do you ever expect to make your marriage a success? It isn’t practically possible. It would be no failure of your personal self to have a marriage break down under circumstances where you believe you are doing the right thing by attempting to be superwoman or superman, so the challenge then is to take control of what you want in your life and decide what is important to you. If you want a happy marriage, then let go of the bullshit that you have to do everything and own so much stuff. Simplify your life.  Focus on giving your concentration to the living beings that surround you, not the inanimate objects that are the trophies of material success. Give your love to your husband or wife, to your children, to your neighbour…. give your time to people, not to things. Give them your full attention, and make them feel that they are the focus of your life while you are looking at them.  Be present, because love is simply concentration.

time as a gift

Families where there is love and happiness beam light for miles and miles around.  On an energy level, when there is love within a home, it is a powerhouse of light. That light connects with other homes where there is true unconditional love in the house, and creates a grid over the earth that protects humans and nature from what some refer to as demons. If you don’t like that word, then think of it as Dark Energies, or Vampires, because essentially, that’s what these inter-dimensional beings are.  This is one of the reasons why the Church has been destroyed, because even though the Church has done alot of harm over the years, it did encourage people to live within the family structure.  Christian Churches with ministers who walked their talk teach their congregation the power of love and forgiveness, and to reach out and create community amongst those who live in their local area.  Where else do we see that anymore?  We don’t. It’s very rare.  So Christian Churches have purposely been attacked because they create loving relationships amongst their people and in the greater community.  The dark agenda that is in place wants to topple all sources of Love, of which the family is the main one.   Families that are loving and supportive of their children, create kids who grow up to become responsible, loving community participants later in life.  Plus, those same children don’t have to do their own parenting when they get older because the ones who should have done that have in fact done what is required of being a parent.  Those who are reading this who didn’t have good parenting will know, if you have gone through the process of healing that is required when you’ve been in an abusive environment as a child, how much effort it takes to heal yourself.  When there is love within a family, the time needed to go through that process is minimal, if required at all.

I am not saying that one has to join a Christian Church to learn how to become a loving person, but what I am saying is that learning how to love should be high on our list of things to do in life if we are to succeed in all that we do. If we are to become a good and authentic person, then learning how to love ourselves is the beginning of that, as we embark on the journey of healing the pain from our past. Then learning how to extend that love to another, and from there to a family, and from there to a community.  We often didn’t have role models of our own, so we need good teachers to learn these things from when the example hasn’t been set for us by others. Finding a good teacher is a must if you want to learn how to become a good and loving person.

I was listening to a teacher who is just becoming well known on the speaker circuit yesterday, and he was asked about what to be cautious of when embarking on the spiritual journey. He said that it’s important not to go too far in the Light, which is what the New Agers do, while at the same time not going too far into the dark, which is what the Satanists do.  He was then asked who Jesus was, and his answer was something that I already knew but hadn’t found the correct words to use to describe him. He said that Jesus was an amazing being who came here to teach us Balance. He taught us how to love ourselves despite our human frailties and our shadow side, but also how to become a good person by empowering the Light within us so that it becomes brighter than the darkness that we all have within ourselves. I knew that to be true, because it is what my own teacher taught his students. Jesus was in incarnation of Vishnu, and Vishnu is all about Balance. Here is a quote about who Jesus was and is from Stuart Wilde:

rider on the white horse

“Very few Christians know that Jesus is a great celestial warrior, closely linked to the warrior Gods, Shiva, Vishnu and Hanuman. Vishnu came to kill the ghouls and wipe away degradation, and Jesus is Vishnu. He is an incarnation of Vishnu because he is an incarnation of Krishna, and Krishna was an incarnation of Vishnu. Jesus is linked to the child in the Book of Revelation, he is the child, and the child is the Hindu God Kalki that rules the ghouls with a rod of iron for a thousand years after the Restoration. The rod of iron is not a piece of metal, it is a fractal antenna (a code) like Sierpinski’s gasket. Once that code is over the world the ghouls won’t be able to get it.” (sw)

Find a good teacher to learn how to become a good and loving person. Make your study of that a regular part of your life, and if you and your husband or wife are both doing that, then you have a much better chance at succeeding in a modern-day marriage, and of being a good parent to your children. The future generations to come depend on you. Money isn’t the God of this world: Love is and always will be.