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Vivien and Nimue are the same person….Two faces , different….and the great love of Merlin….

Vivien is the Priestress of Avalon, Nimue, The Lady of the Lake, keeping Excalibur…

Her Name: The Lady of the Lake is usually referred to by various spellings of the names Nimue or Vivienne:  Nimue, Nineve, Niniane, Vivienne,Vivien, and Viviane.

Nimue is thought to be related to Mneme, the shortened form of Mnemosyne, one of the nine water-nymph Muses of Roman and Greek Mythology who gave weapons, not unlike Arthur’s sword, to the heroic Perseus. Vivienne betrays the Lady’s Celtic form, for “Vi-Vianna” probably derives from “Co-Vianna”, a variant of the widespread Celtic water-goddess, Coventina. Remembering Latin pronunciation, this name probably relates to Merlin’s original partner in early poetry, his wife Gwendoloena. Thus Gw-end(-ol)-oena = Cov-ent-ina. There have also been attempts to show Vivienne as a corrupt form of Diana or Rhiannon. Though possible, these theories seem unlikely.

Many have said that Merlin was brought down by his love for Viviane, however, much of that story has been distorted over time.  Merlin and Viviane knew how to step across to other dimensions. Camelot wasn’t in this dimension…. it was accessible via a portal that could only be opened through the heart chakra.  The story goes that Viviane locked Merlin in a tree, however, at the base of the tree was a portal to the Camelot dimensions. Someone must have seen Merlin go through that portal after kissing Viviane goodbye before visiting those dimensions (just like a husband kisses his wife goodbye before he leaves for work in the morning), and so the observer has rushed away and spread the gossip that Viviane locked him in a tree. Merlin would regularly come and go between dimensions, but when he finally decided that he had more work to do on the other side, he stayed there rather than keep coming and going.

Merlin’s ‘courier’ between this world and the Camelot dimensions became Viviane. However, because those who don’t understand these things have to find a way to explain what seems impossible to them, they turn the beloved of the Master into a vixen because it suits them to do that due to their lack of capacity to understand.  The truth of these things isn’t written in most of the stories available, even in the myths and legends, because the people who translated them throughout history didn’t know what they were translating in order to be able to pass the truth along.

JK Rowlings got much of the Harry Potter story correct in many ways: it was almost a complete parallel to the life of Merlin. She seemed to tap into the Akashic records and she knew of the ability to transfigure, the ability to teleport, and the ability to go invisible. Australian Aboriginals know how to go invisible and teleport too…… although you won’t hear them talking about it with white people very often.

There is much in this world that is beyond words.

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