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Ebola Cured in 2010!  Censored by all media!  RED ALERT!   Scientists had a 100% cure rate on Monkeys with 30,000 times the fatal dose of Ebola!

I’m asking ALL truth warriors to get this out through social media!  In 2010, scientists published results in “The Lancet” regarding their cure for ebola! Except for one UK newspaper, nobody else reported this!  This is huge news here!  This treatment had a 100% cure rate!  It cured monkees infected with Ebola at 30,000 times the fatal dose!  Get the word out so we can stop the new world order killing BILLIONS!

Here’s a snippet from the article!  

‘The scientists, led by Thomas Geisbert at Boston University, used a relatively new genomics technique called RNA interference to defeat the virus. Here’s how it works. First, a little background: the Ebola virus is made of RNA, just like the influenza virus. And just like influenza, Ebola has very few genes – only 8. One of its genes, called L protein, is responsible for copying the virus itself. Two others, called VP24 and VP35, interfere with the human immune response, making it difficult for our immune system to defeat the virus.

Geisbert and his colleagues (including scientists from Tekmira Pharmaceuticals and USAMRIID) designed and synthesized RNA sequences that would stick to these 3 genes like glue. How did they do that? We know the Ebola genome’s sequence – it was sequenced way back in 1993. And we know that RNA sticks to itself using the same rules that DNA uses. This knowledge allowed Geisbert and colleagues to design a total of 10 pieces of RNA (called “small interfering RNA” or siRNA) that they knew would stick to the 3 Ebola genes. They also took care to make sure that their sticky RNA would not stick to any human genes, which might be harmful. They packaged these RNAs for delivery by inserting them into nanoparticles that were only 81-85 nanometers across.

In the key experiment, the scientists infected rhesus monkeys with a dose of Ebola that was 30,000 times greater than the normal fatal dose. They injected the siRNA treatments 30 minutes later, and again each day for 6 days. All the monkeys survived with no long-term effects.

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