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the greatest form of mind control is repetition

The greatest form of mind control is REPETITION

That is why they created the television. Free repetition in your home 24/7. Those countries that welcomed The Box into their lives in the 1950s created societies in which the people ceased to meet their neighbours in friendly gatherings in order to find out the latest that was going on in their local area.  Society became insular in that families became disconnect from their neighbours when they ceased to spend as much time in community living.

If you look at things closely, as great an advance as the television was, its creation and introduction into our homes was also a huge step backwards because it was one of the many systems used to divide and conquer the people.  Governments and those in power only have control over a divided people. They can’t control people when people band together.  Movie cinemas gave us access to entertainment and were a social night out. What was the real reason for bringing the “movie player” into the home? It was the indoctrination that the powers in control could enforce, brainwashing us while telling us that we could watch movies at no expense from the comfort of our lounge in our own living room. From there, things have advanced now to digital television where they can not only indoctrinate us but also watch our every move with the camera inside the frame of the TV.

Newspapers are the same. They sell us lies, and because all of the newspaper groups are owned by the same people, all of the lies get printed in all of the papers. Indoctrination over and over and over.

Think about that for a minute or two. Now do you want to watch so much television or read the newspaper? I hope not, for your sake.