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cosmic being

Readers, decide for yourself about the information in this article. If it feels right to you, then consider the possibility that is being shared may have some truth.

When human beings first inhabited this planet, they were beings who had more abilities, more Light in their Being, and their bodies were less dense in the 3D realm.  They were Inter-dimensional, were telepathic as well as psychic, and they didn’t need to know how to read and write because they were able to transfer thoughts into the head of another very easily.  The man or woman receiving those transfers would hear them quite clearly, so there was no need for the use of reading and writing.  If a man and a woman wanted to give pleasure to one another, they would simply vibrate at a higher resonance and pass the higher vibration on to the other….. much like the mutual and self-induction that occurs in the circuitry of electricity. Humans operated on the fourth dimension.

They all lived on a group of Islands which were located in the South Pacific region, and at the time that group was called Lemuria. Lemuria was essentially the Garden of Eden, Valhalla and the Elysian Fields combined.

garden of eden

Things were going smoothly until there was a consciousness shift which happened very quickly and caused Lemuria to sink into the Pacific Ocean. The humans alive at the time had contributed to the shift in consciousness because they were already resonating at a very high level, and due to the sheer numbers of them progressing into this consciousness shift all at once, it caused the land masses to sink and rise.

Humans were so shocked by what had just occurred that they decided to spread out, so they used land bridges to go to other places.  All but approximately 1000 of them stayed behind. Those who stayed had a very high level of consciousness and were known as the Nacaals, or rather, the Ascended Masters. When a man or woman has reached this level of consciousness, they only have to think about something and it will manifest in front of them right there and then, or if it was an event that they were thinking of rather than something solid like a cup or a bowl, or an apple, that event would happen immediately. They could make it rain just by thinking about it.

This group of high consciousness humans settled on the new landmass called Atlantis and began preparing it for other humans to come and make it their home as well.  They used their mind powers to project their focused intention across the island to form the Tree of Life, forming ten circles, one in the north island of Udal, and another in the southern ocean.

The Kundalini energy is a latent female energy, a “coiled power,” that ordinarily rests at the base of the spine and sits there “coiled like a serpent.” When it rises it travels up the spine and connects the chakras, creating a pathway for energy to rise and fall within the body. The earth, having originally been a female Being from a much larger cosmos who chose to become a planet, also has a Kundalini.  The earth’s Kundalini is very large and very powerful and travels from the core of the earth to a point located on the earth’s surface (the point of which remains fixed for a period of time, then moves). Wherever this exit point is on the earth’s surface will be alive with energy and any group that lives there will be the spiritual leaders and teachers of the planet. At that point in time, Earth chose Atlantis as the location of its Kundalini.

earth's kundalini

Drunvalo Melchezidek says that right now, “The Serpent of Light, this spiritual energy, is snaking its way from Tibet to its new home in South America. Coming out of Tibet into India, it then moved in a snake-like manner to almost every country in the world until it reached Chili, the new home of the Earth’s Kundalini, the new Tibet.”

Anyway, back to where we were. Shortly after forming the ten circles (or rather, pillars of Light) of the Tree of Life on the islands, huge energy pillars began to rise from out of the circles on Atlantis. These pillars of energy called humans back from the places they had moved away to, and so a migration home to Atlantis began. Several million humans returned to the land that once was Lemuria and now was Atlantis, where the land itself was spiritually rich. Humans were still very young in their maturity – about 12 years old – and were predominantly right brained, which meant that they were essentially female in their way of operating in the world.

Hebrews from the Future, and Martians without Love

Humans at that time were not aggressive in any way, and because their Ascended Masters made some errors in the way they handled the people, two of the ten pillars of Light did not end up attracting a settlement of families that would go on to create cities. These two pillars were left vacant, and because they were exuding so much Light but weren’t protected by the higher vibrationary humans living there, they attracted two extra-terrestrial species who took over these two non-colonised areas.

The extraterrestrials that landed here were the Hebrews and the Martians. You could say that they are Jews from outer space, because they were the ones who did go on to become the Jewish people. The Hebrews were from the future, and were being sent back in time because they needed to learn how to use their right brains. They had become so left-brain dominated that they could no longer access their intuition, or feel love, or have compassion for people. Humans were able to teach them those things.  In exchange for what they could learn from us, they brought knowledge such as mathematics to us to help us develop our logic side of our brain.

The Martians were a very foolish and heartless group of beings. They had destroyed their own home planet in a project called The Lucifer Experiment when they attempted to cut their ties to the spiritual fabric of the Universe. No matter how often this experiment is attempted, it destroys the planets of any and every group that tries to make it a success. During the experiment the Martians lost all connection to love and spirituality, and became totally left brained and male. They didn’t even ask if they had permission to do this…. to see if they were privileged to do it.  They became totally greedy and then raped and pillaged their beautiful planet until it became the red pile of mess we know it to be today.

Because the Martians had cut themselves off from the Universe, they had damaged their own Merkavas. The Merkava is a tetrahedral construction that your body generates that can be used as an inter-dimensional taxi, however, because of what the Martians had done by disconnecting from the Universe, they were unable to create one for themselves.  So they built a whole heap of pyramids all over their planet which created a synthetic Merkava and a one way ticket to Earth.

Pyramids Mars

When the Martians arrived to Earth, they landed on Atlantis and tried to muscle their way in and take over. They chose those they thought were weakest, however, they didn’t count on the bravery of humans to fight back and they got their asses whipped.  Humanity had matured a little by the time the Martians arrived, but not alot. Not enough to be able to take a dominant position in the new situation where they had to now hustle for the right to hold their own place. Neither could they get rid of the Martians, so they had to learn to live with them. The Martians agreed to try to understand emotions and the humans agreed to learn how to use their logic.

Using their left brain, the Martians began inventing things to help (?) humanity. Initially it was a bit too much for humanity to cope with, all these new inventions, and it took some time for their minds to learn how to think well enough to use these new inventions. But eventually they did learn, and they then became a left-brain dominated race, similar to the Martians. Seeing how much they could dominate and control humans by making them dependent on the inventions of the Martians, the Martians soon began to create things that humans wanted to use, thus making humans dependent on the Martians for everything. Humanity lost its freedom.

The next event that happened to humanity was a Pole Shift. During a Pole Shift, the mantle (or crust) of the earth moves sideways, and when it happens all sorts of terrifying events occur. Land masses move, volcanoes erupt, tsunamis happen and all sorts of other exciting things occur.  Humanity was about to have a consciousness shift, but not a forward one – rather, a backward one. They lost the ability to see into the future, and they lost their ability to talk telepathically to each other.  A small portion of Atlantis broke off during the earth changes, and sank into the ocean.

It took 200 years to regain the ability to see into the future, but humanity eventually regained their abilities. They foresaw a giant asteroid heading towards the earth and told the Martians. The Martians wanted to blast it out of the sky, but the Humans said that they didn’t want to upset the balance of the cosmos and told the Martians to let it hit the Earth. When it did it hit a city where a large number of Martians were congregated and killed most of them off. They were livid!

asteroid hits earth

The Martians were really upset with humans and decided that those of them who remained were going to take over the planet. They planned on doing what they had done on Mars, and started building structures that would generate a synthetic Merkava.  However, it had been way too long – 50 thousand years – since they had last built one and so they forgot how to build it.  They decided to go ahead with it anyway and built a pyramid on Atlantis to create a synthetic Merkava. Having absolutely no idea of what they were doing, they managed to create an out-of-control Merkava which began to tear at the dimensional fabric of earth, to the point where it began to let other entities and creatures in.  You could say it would be like getting shot in the stomach, and having your insides bleed into your lungs.

Amongst the many things that stepped in through the tear, were a group of Inter-dimensional spirits that had no idea where they were. The only way they were able to survive here was to find a host to live inside of, and so they infested humans a hundred to one at a time.  This began the great downfall of humanity that we are now trying to pick the pieces up from.

Now, here’s a video that you need to watch to get the full picture on this alternative history that you’ve probably never heard before. Watch it in one sitting. Don’t watch 20 minutes now, and 20 minutes tomorrow. Watch ALL of it now.