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merlin and viviane

Merlin was a great Wizard who lived at the end of the 5th century and the beginning of the 6th century. He was a magician, a prophet and an advisor, active in all phases of the administration of King Arthur’s kingdom. Some accounts of his name say that he was given the name Emrys (or Ambrosius) at his birth in Caer-Fyrddin (Carmarthen). Yet other accounts of his name say that it was Myrddin Wyllt (Merlinus Caledonensis), which is far more likely to be true. He later became known as Merlin, a Latinised version of the Welsh word, Myrddin, taken from the place of his birth. Merlin was the illegitimate son of a monastic Royal Princess of Dyfed. His mother’s father, however, King Meurig ap Maredydd ap Rhain, is not found in the traditional pedigrees of this kingdom and was probably a sub-King of the region bordering on Ceredigion.

Myth has it that Merlin’s father was an angel who had visited the Royal nun and left her with child. This is not quite true, because it isn’t possible for a human being not to have a physical father. What is possible however, is for the soul of a human to be birthed in the mirror dimensions by two Spiritual Beings of the highest order, and that his soul was brought to his mother by an angel. Merlin’s enemies claimed his father was really an incubus, an evil spirit that has intercourse with sleeping women. According to those who wanted to shape the understanding of Merlin in a negative manner, the child was supposed to provide an evil counterweight to the good influence of Jesus Christ on earth. Merlin, however, was in actual fact, a later incarnation of Vishnu, Khrishna and Christ. He was born human, and at a later time during his life an added Light from Christ came to be with him, giving him the understanding and the powers that he had. His enemies wanted to hide the truth of who he was and send people the other way, so they created these lies and myths in order that people would misunderstand him.

Merlin had a wife named Gwendolyn, also known by later names such as Viviane, Nimue, Niniane and Evienne: the Lady of the Lake. He had met the Lady at the Fountain of Barenton (Brittany) and fallen so deeply in love with her that he agreed to teach her all his mystical powers. The Lady became Merlin’s scribe who recorded his prophecies, as well as his lover. When you consider this in the light of the story of Jesus, we see a similar situation between the two in that the beloved of the Master becomes the one person to pass on his most powerful knowledge to future generations.

When Merlin decided to spend most of his time in the Camelot dimensions, Viviane became King Arthur’s advisor in that she would courier information from Merlin to Arthur upon her return from her trips through the portal that led to those dimensions.

The name ‘Lady of the Lake’ is a symbolised name for a water deity.  In Celtic tradition, the water deities are essential to life for they are the essence of life itself.  Such deities were worshiped for their supernatural abilities – as represented by the churning and flowing tides of springs, streams, lakes, rivers and oceans throughout the world over.  In Celtic society, just like in other places in the world such as India where we see the Lady of the Lake represented by Goddess Lakshmi, offerings made to the water deities included objects such as gold coins and weapons: for example, swords.  Still today, people throw coins into wishing-wells across Ireland, where the Lady of the Lake is known as Lady Luck!  In the story of Merlin and King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake is most often known as Viviane or Nimue, although her actual name was Gwendolyn.

Traditionally, people believe that the Lady of the Lake was the foster-mother of Sir Lancelot and raised him beneath the waters of the lake. This is a symbolic way of explaining how Sir Lancelot was a soul-child of Viviane and Merlin, born of the waters (the spirit) of the Lady of the Lake. Viviane did not raise Lancelot on her own, but rather, with help in the form of frequent visits from Merlin. Together they raised Lancelot until he was fifteen, at which point he showed signs that he was ready to go out into the world to earn honour.

Arthur, the first born son of King Uther Pendragon and heir to the throne, was another of Merlin and Viviane’s soul children. His time of birth occurred during civil unrest, so Merlin advised that the baby Arthur should be raised in a secret place and that none should know his true identity. After baby Arthur was born, Merlin secretly took him to be raised at the castle of Sir Ector, a loyal ally of the King’s. There, the young prince was raised by the nurses and was attended to by frequent visits by Merlin, who coached him on the role he was to have later in life. He was thought to be the bastard child of Sir Ector’s, and no one, not even Ector himself, knew the boy’s true identity.

Viviane is best known for presenting Excalibur to Arthur after he had learned his lessons of not abusing his power over others. The only reason that he was able to pull the sword from the stone is that Merlin, knowing his true identity when he was born, had put the sword into the stone using magic, and had guarded it with a spell that wouldn’t allow anyone other than Arthur to pull it out of the stone, and only once he was ready to do so would he be allowed to try. So between Merlin (Myrddin) and Viviane, together they helped shape Arthur for his destiny.

When he was born, Arthur was taken by Merlin. He was cut from any earthly family bonds and put into the care of his soul father. Not only does this symbolise that in order to pursue the path of spirit (or etheral body/astral body), one should cut all worldly attachments, but it also demonstrates the similar journey we must all make in leaving our families behind when we pursue the path of attaining pure consciousness – we must make our Spiritual Father more important to us than our own family. Merlin became Arthur’s spiritual guide or teacher. Arthur stayed with his spiritual teacher for a long time after he overcame his attachments.

Arthur eventually overcame the first portion of his lower nature by realising what his own actual values in life were, and by not taking on somebody else’s idea of who he should have been. Parents are often very guilty of inflicting upon their children an idea of who they want them to become, which has devastating effects upon the child.  As an adult, the individual then spends a lot of time working through the restrictions about who they are that have been imposed upon them as a child by their parents and others along the way. Stuart Wilde speaks in detail of this in his recording The Mastery of Money, because finding one’s most happy way of making money is all tied in with releasing oneself from the false ego.

When Arthur overcame this within himself, it was symbolised by him taking the two-edged sword of the truth – Excalibur – from the stone (the raising of the Kundalini). By marrying Guinevere, he was unified with his soul-mate and through marriage, he purified his sexual relationship.

However, he had not yet overcome completely. That is why when he was challenged by Sir Lancelot, he invoked his spiritual powers, symbolised by calling upon the power of Excalibur, in order to show his supremacy over Sir Lancelot. With this misuse of power, he fell from Grace, symbolised by Excalibur being broken.

He repented for his action and understood that by the misuse of his powers, he had broken a great Law of the spirit and he promised he would never do it again. That is why the Lady – who symbolises the Holy Spirit – and the Lake (which represents consciousness, or rather, the masculine aspects of God), gave back his sword of truth (Excalibur). He did not have to take it out of the stone any longer. He had already awakened his Kundalini. The powers were taken from him only as a test and lesson. When these lessons were learned, God gave him back what was his birthright.

It was after this that he started to prosper and eventually formed the Round Table. However, by becoming engaged in worldly activities, he had to compromise in order to manage the kingdom, until eventually the point was reached that things went out of hand and the simple purity of the Soul was lost by all. That is symbolised by the unfaithfulness of Guinevere and Sir Lancelot. When Guinevere failed, and because King Arthur was attached to her, he lost his Excalibur again. With this, everything fell apart.

It was then that the quest for the highest state of consciousness – The Holy Grail, or rather, Pure Consciousness – started. The Knights and King Arthur, who were all aiming for the highest, understood that with all their achievements they still had not found the complete truth. After a great struggle they eventually realised that the highest state that they were seeking – The Holy Grail – is within themselves. To purify and conquer the impurities within was an even greater struggle than the establishment of the Round Table and his kingdom.

With Guinevere wanting to move her existence out of the earthly dimensions of her lower three chakras and into the three chakras above those (her ‘higher self’, symbolised by her becoming a nun), Arthur overcame his attachments to her physical body, and so he received the Excalibur back. It was Guinevere who gave it back to him by emphasising her higher self. As I have said in other posts here, it is us women who hold the key to the spiritual development of the men we love. Guinevere had the power to lead Arthur to his higher self, so he overcame his second chakra. It was then that the last battle between Arthur and the evil one (who truly was a part of him: his son) started.

Merlin’s removal contributed considerably to the great monarch’s downfall. At the last battle Arthur killed his evil son  who also represented his third chakra. When the mind is dominated by thoughts of the external world, it is ruled by the lower body. Arthur too would be killed at the Battle of Camlann, so the Lady of the Lake was eventually obliged to reclaim her sword and  hurl it back to misty waters. She was later one of the three Queens who escorted the King’s body to Avalon.

Arthur’s spirit lives on to be born again.  To be born again means to go from the lower self to the higher self – to move from the first three chakras into the second three chakras, starting with the fourth chakra – the Heart. It didn’t matter that during that particular period of time that the full mission wasn’t accomplished, because if the mission isn’t accomplished then there will be another incarnation of the group of souls who were involved in the Merlin/Arthur/Camelot saga. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table will always arise to establish His Kingdom once again at a later time in another place. They will come again and again until His Kingdom will be firmly established. As Krishna (Christus) said to Arjuna, “When righteousness is weak and faints and unrighteousness exults, then my spirit arises on earth.”

This spirit will eventually overcome the evil one (love of money and earthly possessions), and His Kingdom will be established on earth as it is in heaven.


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