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The analysis of this clip and the information below is gathered and merged from several sources, and has additional information added by eaglelady888

HeliOfant video – I, Pet Goat II

My initial impression when I saw the name of the company that created this video was that it was a reference to the tarot card called The Heirophant. My guess is that the artist/company director has chosen this name because it combines a reference to the Sun (which was worshipped as the source of all light and wisdom in ages past) and it alludes to the wisdom of the Heirophant.

When looking at who is the Heirophant, “in non-Western cultures (Native American, Siberian) the Hierophant retains the role as spiritual guide, wearing here the mask of a shaman who is also the teacher of holy things. In Native America, the mythological association is with the Coyote or Trickster God, one who is a teacher, a benefactor for the spiritual student, but who is often playful or mischievous.”(wikipedia)  From my personal understanding of who God is, that definition couldn’t be more close to the truth.

The word HeliOfant is broken down into parts to mean the following:

    • Helios = Sun god Apollo
    • The Greek God Apollo has been variously recognised as a god of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing, plague, music, poetry, and more. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and has a twin sister, the chaste huntress Artemis, whose Roman equivalent is Diana.
    • Phant (or fant) = is from the word Phanein which means to reveal, show, make visible something which is secret.
    • The ring of fire represents re-birth through alchemy.

So, the company creates productions that attempt to reveal and illuminate the Truth and the Light.


In the words of the film’s creator Louis Lefebvre, “This film is designed to allow people to give it whatever meaning they want to project onto it. For that matter, all symbolism can be invested with whatever meaning you want to project onto it. Symbolism is just a language.

The Elite obviously use it in a degrading way to degrade the human spirit. They have co-opted all symbolism. Most humans don’t have much knowledge of symbolism, so they don’t understand it. They can’t really decipher it and we’ve been led to believe that all symbolism is thus negative and evil, but it’s not. It’s just whatever we want to put into it. And in my film, the thing that people get stuck on the most is the triangle on the Christ figure and also the eye on the Christ figure, on his forehead. For me, the eye placed on the forehead represents inner vision. So it means “clear spiritual insight”. For the Illuminati/Elite, when it’s used on the dollar bill, it represents a total control freak surveillance society (that’s what the pyramid means – it’s every layer manipulating the layer below it and giving the people at the apex incredible control). And the eye is about being everywhere, seeing everything. So it’s about total surveillance.

Whereas, what I’ve tried to put in…. I tried to redress those symbols, so I put it on the Christ figure and the triangle means God – the trinity. The eye means spiritual insight. The crown of thorns… barbed wires… is the way we are manipulated and is a war on consciousness. It is between the eye and the triangle so it’s like a barrier between my spiritual insight and the Divine. At the end that crown disappears, so it’s like “oh finally! I have clear spiritual insight. I can now see my Creator.”

The tagline is “A short film about the fire at the heart of suffering“

heliofant header

We see the heart shape on the Christ Figure as he is seen on a boat moving through the caverns that are depicted in the film. We also see the heart shape in another significant part of the film where we see the tower inside which is the old woman, however, more about that later.

When he does appear, the Christ figure is initially standing in a boat, and as the film goes along we see him standing in flames within the boat. This is because John the Baptist said that although he baptised Jesus with water, Jesus would baptise others with fire. Fire represents alchemy. The New Soul, which is born in the heart – in “God’s hollow place” – slowly spreads like a fire through the whole body, as long as the alchemist surrenders himself to the New Soul, making it the most important thing in his or her life. It’s a purifying fire that cleanses and purifies the alchemist. This is a process called “transmutation”. It spreads through the blood, the autonomic nervous system, and the hormones of the endocrine glands. It builds up a new “tree of life” in the spinal cord.

The Heart is the first chakra of the upper three chakras that keep us connected to this earth plane. To open the heart chakra is what Christ meant when he said that we must be born again, because it is the first chakra that we commence working on when we turn away from selfishness towards love. It is at this chakra that our spiritual journey really does begin. We work from there upwards, opening the heart, learning how to use our words for good at our throat chakra, learning to see with our third eye, and then learning to channel the Christic energies through our crown chakra and out through our hands when we work as healers and as spiritual warriors. Were we to fully realise the seventh chakra, we’d need to exit our existence then because our vibration wouldn’t be able to stay within the vibration of earth.

When the process of transmutation is complete, i.e. when the alchemist has “made the Holy Grail” (which means that he has opened and balanced all of his chakras and he is now totally pure and selfless), the Holy Spirit can enter into his tree of life and give him a new Consciousness – a Pure Consciousness. This means union with God, and therefore total Liberation from death, from this three dimensional universe, from time, from suffering, and from evil. The seeker has used the Philosopher’s Stone to turn his own leaden being (which manifests as a coarse, heavy energy) into gold, and to make the Elixir of Life, endowing him with eternal life in the Universe of God.

The Alchemist then enters a process of “transfiguration”, in which the old biological personality is systematically dissolved and replaced by a Human Angel who remembers that he or she is a Child of God with an indestructible Light body (energy body), a mind linked to God, and the Divine Spirit.

So now, in the opening scene, we are taken through a doorway where a wooden handle is used to open the door to a  goat locked in a wooden box that is sitting behind a barbed wire fence. This scene is already packed full of symbolism.

door opening handle visible

The box might be alluding to some sort of detention (FEMA) camp. The goat has a bar-code on its head with the numbers 666 underneath it. This is the state of affairs of the world at the moment, with a lot of people who are still asleep to what is really going on behind the scenes and what has been planned for in the world.

The “Beast” in the Book of Revelations is referenced in the image below by an alligator (symbolic of the dragon), which can be seen in white chalk on the front of the box under the goat. The Beast is the power behind such institutions as the Banks and certain Churches, and also the governments. In the spiritual dimension where the war in heaven that is spoken of in Revelations occurred, Satan’s army was assigned to protect those who currently hold the power over the human population at the moment. Each evil leader (or those who work for them) was assigned a demonic angel who protected their rise to the top and assisted them into positions of power very quickly. My teacher writes about these things quite extensively. I quote a couple of his many thoughts on the topic here:

“In the Bible it says the anti-Christ will be Jewish. I don’t know if that is right or not. Then I’ve wondered if the collective cruelty of humanity and its demonically possessed leaders is not in fact the anti-Christ manifest as both a subconscious and intellectual collective ideal. Cruelty and arrogance is the antithesis to Jesus’ teachings of humility, kindness and tolerance.” (Stuart Wilde)

“Right now, the demonic forces are still hanging in there, desperate to sustain their control. But sooner or later, those entities will need every bit of energy to protect themselves; whereupon protecting their allies—the human ghouls on earth, will no longer be job one. Once their protection goes and the Dark Sun around our world dies, then the tyrants will be swamped. This is not a cutesy concept of the triumph of good over evil. It follows a metaphysical technology that we can’t fully write out as yet, which deals with how things collapse in on themselves. Just as material and information falling into a black hole in space is trapped by its own weight, forming an event horizon, a boundary defined by Schwarzschild’s radius, so dark falls into itself, unable to escape. That is the eternity in hell the Bible talks of. It’s not punishment any more than a lump of rock falling into a black hole is being punished—it’s just how darkness follows the proper laws of science.” (Stuart Wilde)

The Mark of the Beast is the coding that will be on the body chip that will allow us to trade. The 666 is already on a lot of the barcodes that you find on the packaging of items being sold in the shops and supermarkets. Notice the Mark of the Beast on the forehead in the image below.  Fortunately there is also the antithesis to the Mark of the Beast – it’s a spiritual mark on those humans who will not be sacrificed to the Beast….. it’s a spiral vortex that can only be seen by those who have the ability to ”see”. There is a very good article about the spiral vortex here.

I, Pet Goat II (2).mp4_snapshot_00.18_[2014.04.27_15.42.05] mark of the beast on the forehead

In the image above, the glazed over look that we see the goat go into represents how most humans have been brainwashed by the corrupt system and can no longer think for themselves. The usage of the pronoun “I” in the title implies that the goat might be, in fact, the viewer himself.

The name of the film “I, Pet Goat II” is a reference to the book that George W Bush and the teacher were reading when the news of the planes hitting the tower was given to the President. The “Fairy Tale” of the Official Story of 911 and the book read by the teacher of “The Pet Goat” links to very senior Illuminati as the true connecting instrument!

Bush and book

There were some very important words that the teacher Mrs Sandra Daniels was asked to read to the children at the Emma E. Booker Elementary school at Sarasota, Florida. The school was named after Emma E. Booker, an African-American educator who founded the first black school in Sarasota County, Florida. The book from which the story was read was very carefully selected: “The Pet Goat” – as in Pan as in Bel as in Baphomet as in the Satanic Goat of Mendes of Senior Freemasonry “ILLUMINATI”

Did you notice that after reading the words that the teacher was pointing to with her pointer (wand), the children were asked to take out their books from under their chairs? This essentially was a bowing ritual as they all reached down to get their books. The five specific words that had to be read before the deep BOW as obedience – but which the children (symbolic of the US People) did not understand – just as most of the 310+ Million US citizens did not understand and too many still do not understand unfortunately.

teacher reading

The five words were Code words of which the President of the US knew, yet he will deny he knew:
i) Kite
ii) Kit (but said quickly sound like HIT)
iii) Steel
iv) Plane
v) Must

Order must be formed out of Chaos – ORDO AB CHAO
maxim/motto of the ILLUMINATI (i.e. Senior Freemasonry)
The next word for Freemasons is the number 4 (square) after “Kite” – so “Plane” must come next in this purported puzzle! The following word for Freemasons is the number 5 (pentagram), after “Plane” must come the word “must”… so the words must read as follows:

i) Kite
ii) Plane
iii) Must
iv) Hit
v) Steel

A “Kite Plane” is a radio-controlled missile – controlled from the E4B + PEOC.

Many observers who were present at the scene of destruction on 911 noted that it was not a passenger plane, but rather a military aircraft with no windows. So it might have been a hologram, or a Drone Plane or “Kite Plane”!

It is a code – just as the Bible Old Testament and New Testament is set out in a code for those who are aware and those who understand… not to be understood literally but rather Allegorically, Figuratively or Symbolically.

It is horrific that 3,000+ good people were offered in this SATANIC Ritual Sacrifice.

Controlled Demolition of WTC 1 (North); 2 (South); & 7. Pentagon evidence screams out that it was never any plane. Inter alia: debris field + size of egress aperture at Pentagon.

911 Crime Scene evidence was unlawfully quickly destroyed – shipped to the far side of the world. Is it true that the gentiles appear to be “dispensable”?

Connect the clear dots … [ILLUMINATI + POTUS + Vice POTUS + PNAC + JZ + MOSSAD]

In the first part of the video, a hidden puppet master controls George “Dubya” Bush inside a classroom. When the planes struck the Word Trade Center in September 2001, Bush was inside a classroom reading the book My Pet Goat to children. Of course, the title of the video refers to this, and in particular how he was informed (on camera) about 9/11. Being the fool that he is, he’s holding the book upside down, of course. But that’s all part of the game.

The I Pet Goat II recreates the setting of the classroom while illustrating the real role of Puppet Politicians like Bush/Barack. (Goat symbolism: Baphomet, said to be worshiped by Knights Templar and in Masonry)

uncle sam and baphomet

Uncle Baphomet

The hidden hand of the real Elite i.e. the puppet master, moves the strings of the Public Politicians to make them act the way the Elite want them to.

eye of the serpent shining

The hands wear a ring of power: Money $. There is only one bar through the S which symbolises the fact that today, in the 21st century, there is no gold backing the currency system in most countries. That’s right folks – the Federal Reserve has no gold to back its supposed wealth. Dollar signs with one strike through them symbolise the Fiat monetary system. Years ago there were two bars through a dollar symbol, and this meant that the currency was backed by gold. When currencies cease being backed by gold, only one bar is used to strike through the dollar sign.  Also, you’ll notice if you look closely that the S is actually a snake. It has an eye at the top and the tail is slimmer as it reaches the end. The ring on the other hand is the head of a pig, which is bleeding down the finger of the puppeteer.

We then see who the puppeteer is pulling the strings of….. it’s a forlorn George W Bush who, once the camera is turned on him, starts to dance a choreographed dance.

Bush as Puppet

Next we see Bush tap-dancing, saying stupid things and occasionally allowing his evil true self to shine through in the expression on his face. This is a symbolic representation of the fact that up until his Presidency many many people worldwide were unaware of the depth of evil and depravity in the people in power, and unawake to their own true purpose in life. Bush also uses distraction to keep the masses clueless about the truth, which is what the Western media is specifically hired to do. It distracts the public away from real problems and the real players (the hidden hand that rules behind the scene and uses the mask of Bush/Obama etc.) The hidden hand is the small group of families that own and run the monetary system of the world. Those people are the ones who pull ALL the strings.

Bush dancing

Bush – the Dumb president – provided daily joke material for the masses to consume (via the late shows of Letterman etc.) to bamboozle the people: A magic trick that drew attention away from the likes of the Rothchilds, CFR and the Rockefellers.  Notice the shape of the star of light on the ground and the masonic design of the floor. The Masonic checkerboard floor of the classroom is signifying that this whole charade had a ritualistic component to it.

“Fool me once…” is what the Dubya/Puppet says and finally and forcefully states “Can’t be fooled again!” before morphing into a smiling Obama, who in turn tries to put a smiling face on things, appearing to be more educated since his hat changes from a dunce cap to a graduation cap. This is symbolic of the fact that humanity is starting to wake up by the time Obama comes into power.  No longer are they apathetic to the truth, no longer are they unaware of what is going on. They are way more educated now than they ever were before, mainly due to the Internet.

bush morphing into obama

Notice the shark on the chalkboard behind Obama: the shark is symbolic of him being one within the group of sharks that we must swim past if we want to gain our freedoms. That swim isn’t just in the outside world though – it’s a swim we must make within our minds first and foremost. Also notice the hanged man to the right of the shark. And look! Up behind Obamabush on the wall – the symbol of the Owl towards the top left hand corner of the image above. How very interesting! Let’s see what other symbolic images appear next……

male member on chalkboard in background

When Bush comes up with his Big Idea, notice that his left pointing finger is now directly in front of a stream of ejaculation fluid spurting out from a penis drawn on the blackboard behind him.  That is symbolic of how the use of sexual images is often embedded into all forms of advertising and any form of media where those behind the advertising intend to indoctrinate us with their way of thinking.  Sex is a fundamental human desire and need, and by having these images briefly incorporated into all visual media, we can subliminally be programmed to want whatever it is they are pushing on us at the time.

Next the scene scrolls forward and up to where the camera has full view of the images above the chalkboard.  Notice the evolution of man from a sea creature to an ape to a Neanderthal to a fully enlightened being. And notice what time it says on the clock on the wall next to that image. It says 12 o’clock, the hour that is usually associated with the end of the countdown. This is symbolic of what the Illuminati would have us think is the story of our existence: it’s the perception of our history that they want pushed, but it isn’t necessarily the truth of the matter.

fully actuated human

Ok, that’s all for today…… I’ll continue this another time.