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Exactly 1 Day, 1 Month, and 1 Year after the September 11th blood sacrifice by the ADL and Mossad entities in league with elements of the American GOVT, came another first…. Terrorism had come to the shores of Indonesia, specifically the Sari club in Kuta Bali.

This Episode called Part 1 is an introduction, setting the tone for the investigative pieces yet to come. In this one here we look at what preceded BALI, the political climate of resistance for war that necessitated the Howard GOVT.. having to use “Shock and Awe” to make those pesky anti-war demonstrators put down their protest signs.

Many things were obviously suspicious about the official story none moreso than these facts I will present to you in this series. Please enjoy this very important video about yet another False Flag Attack that as we will find out has Israeli involvement links.