Men dominate history because they write it. This book offers a reappraisal which aims to re-establish women’s importance at the centre of the worldwide history of revolution, empire, war and peace. As well as looking at the influence of ordinary women, it looks at those who have shaped history.
Rosalind Miles’ book, Women’s History of the World, is a vitalizing effort that does what so few things in our world do — it makes a woman proud of the accomplishments of her gender. From the nurturing of humanity into a sentient species to the bravest accomplishments of women throughout time, it is an inspiration to find out that women haven’t recently burst forth into the arena of accomplishment, but have been there all along, doing what needed doing without requiring notoriety. Their deeds now have the credit due them!
Perhaps the only drawback to the entire book is the occasional, sometimes graphic account of an attrocity committed against a particular woman. It’s important to keep in mind that women have suffered at the hands of men (and other women) because of their long status as second-class citizens, but I don’t think the reader needs quite as much reminder as the book gives. The nice thing is, you can skim past it and go to the next item.
It’s heartening to have this history of women’s accomplishments available. It makes it easier to move on, look to the future and try to make it a better one for our daughters and sons, where we can live in partnership.