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Hooded sage saves the life of a Chinese pedestrian! This man is likely to be as highly trained as a Hindu yogi or Buddhist monk. The magical things he does show an advanced level of spiritual training.

Here we see him save a man on a motorbike from complete destruction by teleporting him a few meters away in less than a second, and then he leaves the scene quietly, not waiting for any recognition.

This is what happens in the couple of minutes of footage:

The truck driver swerves to his left at the last second slightly and leaves dark skid marks behind.

In the spot that the motorbike man is teleported from, there is a dark round imprint left on the road and the same around the new position where the two men end up standing, which both gradually fade away after a few seconds (while the skid marks remain).

The truck driver can be observed looking at the dark ring closest to him in confusion, as it fades away (he looks right at the spot). Also, he doesn’t know whether to go and apologise to the motorbike man because he isn’t sure if it’s who he thought he was about to run over, so he wanders around dazed (most likely questioning his own sanity).

The superhuman person (teleporter/jumper) shines white light from his hands and is quick to put them in pockets when leaving the scene. Why leave so quickly? The superhuman wants no recognition for his heroic act. He is definitely human – the hood is what young sages wear when doing their work. ┬áIt’s also a reference to the symbolism behind magical men who can shapeshift, or rather, transfigure. Jesus transfigured in front of Mary Magdalene when she went to find him in the tomb.

The motorbike man sits on the kerb totally bewildered (in shock) trying to figure out where he went and how he survived and ended up safely behind the truck with a random person in a hoody by his side.

The hooded sage likely does not say a word to the man, and does not want to acknowledge the intervention at all. He leaves the scene in a similar direction from whence he came when first bursting onto the scene, which seems to indicate that he is going to walk around the next corner and disappear.

Humanity’s abilities are certainly rising!