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wake up sleeper rsI am always surprised by people’s dismissal of the fact that when a psychic can see into other people’s lives, he or she can also see into the workings of larger groups such as media, corporations, governments, bankers and banking systems. I’m forever being mocked as a conspiracy theorist, however, here’s something for the skeptics to consider.

A gifted psychic instantly knows when he or she is being sold a heap of lies. A truly gifted psychic also can look and see what is going on behind the scenes. So whenever the psychic is accused of being a Conspiracy Theorist when he or she tries to bring to light some of these things, it’s actually quite amusing to us and just shows the ignorance and mind-controlled sleepfulness of the ones who are making the accusations.

What makes you think that someone who can see into your life and the lives of those around you can’t also see into the larger organisations’ inner operations, motivations and agendas as well? Ponder upon that for a minute.

So when I post articles that have information in them that conflicts with what you might see on CBN or NBC news, or even ABC news in Australia, stop and think for just a moment. Is it possible that the sources that you’re used to hearing the news from have an alternate agenda?  You can be damn sure that it’s possible.

Do your research and wake up sleepers.