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WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. Please do not watch this video if cruelty to animals and images of humans with bloody injuries causes you distress. Please read the description below prior to watching the video if you still wish to do so.

This is the true story of the Revenge of the Bulls…..
During his time on earth, Stuart Wilde became the most powerful Metaphysician in the world. One of his students went on to become just as powerful and is now a teacher himself. Stuart also met an Australian woman who had studied with a Hindu master in the ways of the Goddess Kali, and so together, three very powerful warriors of the Light along with a small group of other Light warriors who had been trained by Stuart went into the inner dimensions (which he has named The Aluna) to teach the Bulls in Spain and other places in Europe how to beat the Matadors at their own game.

The Bulls were taught in the Aluna to aim for the Matador’s legs and bodies, not the capes, and so suddenly Matadors everywhere were being gored.  Nobody understood why, but this is why. The Bulls were being taught what to do by people who gave a damn.

This video is the story of the successful achievement by the Wilde Warriors of bringing an end to the cruel, barbaric and wicked sport of Bullfighting in many countries.

Music written by Laurent Eyquem and titled Tokarev (2014) Soundtrack

Dedicated to my beloved teacher, on the anniversary of the second year from the day that he died. (It’s already May 1st in Australia)