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muyaran and andrew

I feel very sad that the two Australians who were part of the Bali Nine were executed. They had shown huge change, and I didn’t agree that they should die. The fifth commandment is Thou Shall Not Kill. Sure, penalise them for what they did, but did they really have to die? Andrew and Myuran made good of themselves in the ten years that they were in jail. They repented. They changed. They learned from what they had done. I’ve met many people in the social circuit who have access to teachings that could help them to do the same, but to be honest, the reality of who they pretend to be is only skin deep. The masks come down pretty quick, given the right piece of gossip. Andrew and Myuran were far better humans than many I’ve observed, met or talked to.

It has come to light that the judges in the case wanted $130,000 in exchange for a lighter sentence. What a corrupt system they have in Bali. Those judges are way more corrupt than these two young men. The Karma that is accumulated for people who are involved in executions – from those who make the orders to those who follow them – is huge. Not only for those directly involved, but also for their families.

The order follower always bears more moral culpability than the order giver, because the order follower is the one who performed the action, and in taking such action, actually brought the resulting harm into physical manifestation. Order following is the pathway to every form of Chaos and Evil in our world. It should NEVER be seen as a virtue by anyone who considers themselves to be a moral human being. Order followers have ultimately been personally responsible and morally culpable for every form of slavery and every single totalitarian regime that has every existed on earth.

Drug running is a stupid thing to do. No matter how much money you are offered, it is the most stupid thing to do. I was offered to be a drug runner by an associate of mine years ago who also worked as a psychic, and I said “no way.” She was trying to talk me into it saying that I’d be able to get away with it because of my psychic abilities. I knocked that idea on the head real quick. For one, I don’t take hard drugs, plus I hate legal drugs (pharmaceuticals) so why would I want to distribute any kind of drugs? I hate what all drugs do to people. The only “drugs” I agree with are the plant based medicines that are used by naturopaths and shamans. Anything synthetic is junk to me.

I wish that I had been there for those boys when they were young and could have helped them to feel ok about themselves. Feeling unaccepted is what got them into this. If I could meet every bully who contributed to Andrew Chan’s feeling of not being good enough, I’d give them a severe talking to. Same for those who contributed to that mindset in Myuran Sukumaran. I hope that each one who teased and bullied those two men when they were youngsters is now regretting their actions.

I’ve been watching all the comments about the deaths of Myuran and Andrew, and I am shocked at the inhumanity in people’s comments. Nobody sees these two men as humans who made mistakes. They are all like hungry predators gloating at the kill. It disgusts me. They would all take a far different stance on the topic had it been one of their own family members who had been executed.

It reminds me of a certain group of people who did a similar thing about three years ago, to someone that none of them knew personally, led not by the man who appeared to be leading the attack, but by a coward who hid behind the scenes and who still hasn’t admitted to or apologised for what he did. His motivation was a jealousy that has spanned lifetimes – one that hasn’t been let go of, even today. His lesson is not to interfere in other people’s relationships, for who is he to judge what is right for someone else or try to divide two people?  His plan of attack didn’t work and the time for retribution is yet to come, but when that time does come it will be the pleasure of the one that appeared to lead the previous attack to finally bring him down. Karma comes for everyone, even the Gods. Those onlookers who gloated and gossiped and took pleasure in trying to cause pain have signed up for their own Karma too, especially those who like to call themselves blissful – just like those I’m watching now in the aftermath of Andrew and Myuran’s execution.

Anyone who is involved in any kind of disrespect and slander – all of them, right down to those who discuss, lie, tut tut and tsk tsk in chats, emails and phone calls – show by their behaviour just how skin deep their warmth and supposed goodness truly does go. Despite many of the people that I watch and observe having had access to the best teachings available on how to develop a heart centered character, some people never learned the lesson that their teachers tried to teach them, and they probably never will.

Rest in Peace Andrew and Myuran. You have my respect.