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Cosmic Christ

“When a fool hears about Tao, he just laughs and laughs. If he didn’t laugh, it wouldn’t be Tao.” – Tao te Ching

The Tao is “The way of nature,” hence it is “The Way”. The Daode Jing, which is the alternative spelling of the Tao Te Ching, the book of Tao, also refers to Tao as something that existed Before Heaven and Earth, or another interpretation of the Tao is The Source, or The Void, Nothing, Empty, Zero, or The Infinite. This isn’t too surprising since mathematics had no concept of ‘Zero’ at the time.

It is nothing but also the source of everything. This concept is hard to grasp due to the dogma, “Something can’t come from nothing.” It sounds contradictory, yet, something has to come from nothing, because starting at nothing is a perfectly valid position.

Quantum physicists discovered that empty space isn’t so empty. The name Tao was just to reference, “The way” for there are no words to describe the source of all things. Oddly, no words are able to describe it because words were its creation, so how can something created by another describe what it was that created its own creator?

You can think of a Taoist as an early scientist, much like how Isaac Newton discovered gravity and observed its principles. The Taoist discovered “The way of nature” and observed its principles, and created many tools to help us understand nature.

0. The Tao: The source
1. Change: Within all things lies “The seed of change.” “Nothing stays the same.”
2. Duality: Yin Yang; Binary Opposition, The principle of balance.
4. Cycle: Beginning – Rising – Falling – Ending. Like the 4 seasons.
8. Present time, Forward time and Backward time = Eternity. Being totally present gives us Eternal Life. Time is not linear, because all time exists here and now. “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” said Jesus, and what he meant was that he was so skilled at being present in the moment that he could straddle the future, the past and the present all at once. But then again, Jesus is part of a ninth dimensional Being anyway, so straddling space and time isn’t the least bit difficult for him.

Jesus said he was The Way, and when he said it, he meant The Tao. Jesus was Taoist, just like my beloved teacher Stuart Wilde.

EVERYTHING follows these principles. Systems, People, Things. Become an observer and use reason to learn the truth.