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This is the story of how water is affected when different words with different intentions are strapped to a test tube holding the water.

Test tubes filled with water and strapped with notes that had words like Love, Kindness, Faith and Hope written on them, created water crystals of amazing beauty. So too did the notes that had the names of the five major religions when strapped to the test tubes – Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism.

When the words “I hate you. I will kill you.” were strapped to the test tubes, the water developed an ugly colour and form.

What would that seem to imply? Well, many things, the main one being that certain words have the power to create beauty, and others have the power to create pain and cause harm.

Another point that becomes obvious is that all five of the religions used in this experiment created water crystals of intense beauty, so wouldn’t that seem to indicate that all of these religions teach Love? It does.

So then, why argue with one another about which religion is right and which one is wrong? If they are all attempting to lead us to Love, then they are all right in their different ways.