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christ antichrist

The anti-Christ is the opposite of the Christ, thus he is called the anti-Christ. Yet the anti-Christ is not separate from the Christ, because they are one and the same Being. Let me explain.

We live in a physical world which is made of matter. There is a mirror world that is opposite to us (which people refer to as the spiritual dimensions, for the sake of simplicity), and which is made up of anti-matter. Each one of us has a mirror double in the spiritual dimensions, and that mirror double is our anti-matter self. It is our own anti-woman or anti-man. It is the part of us that is able to go into dimensions that we can’t normally access and it is the part of us that protects us when we need protection, because although we may not be willing to harm the various sources of evil that plague our lives as a means of self-protection, our mirror self is prepared to do that. It is our warrior half.

In Taoism, the symbol for that belief system is the yin-yang sign, as shown below.


As you can see from the image above, there is a white half to the symbol, as well as a black half. Within each side there is a small amount of its opposing qualities, which keeps that side of the symbol connected to the whole. For example, were the black half of the symbol (which represents our anti-matter self or shadow side, or rather, the part of us that is unprocessed and has stored pain, and that does evil things to others) to become completely black, it would become so lost in darkness that it would never be able to step back to the Light if it chose to do so. The same with the white half of the symbol. If the white half of the symbol (which represents our goodness and the side of us that has become more Christ-like) didn’t have a smidgen of darkness within it, it would no longer be grounded in 3D and it would leave the physical dimension because there would be no more lessons to learn. That small amount of darkness keeps us anchored in this world. Yet, as the symbol shows, we are not complete without our mirror half. It is both our matter-self and our anti-matter self that makes up our whole self.

The anti-matter self – our dark side – is not accepted in this 3D dimension. You are not allowed to go around killing people in order to rid the world of darkness. You are not allowed to be selfish and intolerant, and to think only of yourself. You have to behave yourself and show tolerance, patience, love, mercy and forgiveness to others in order for your behaviour to be acceptable. Our goal in this 3D dimension is to become a Custodian of the Light, and in order to do that we must develop the qualities that embody Love.

Jesus was/is a great Celestial Being, but he was also a man, and as a man he too had/has an anti-matter self. Through many years of discipline and development he gathered more and more qualities of Love as he harnessed more and more Light, even though it is written in the Nag Hammadi texts that as a young boy he would get angry and use his celestial powers to harm others. At that stage he had not yet learned to control the two halves of who he was. This was the reason why he spent many years in India learning how to discipline himself and only use his powers to create Light in this physical dimension.

Yet in this world there is no law that says that our mirror-self can’t go around annihilating other Beings that also exist in the mirror dimension. My teacher Stuart Wilde says this about who Christ was:

“Very few Christians know that Jesus is a great celestial warrior, closely linked to the warrior Gods, Shiva, Vishnu and Hanuman. Vishnu came to kill the ghouls and wipe away degradation, and Jesus is Vishnu. He is an incarnation of Vishnu because he is an incarnation of Krishna, and Krishna was an incarnation of Vishnu. Jesus is linked to the child in the Book of Revelation, he is the child, and the child is the Hindu God Kalki that rules the ghouls with a rod of iron for a thousand years after the Restoration. The rod of iron is not a piece of metal, it is a fractal antenna (a code) like Sierpinski’s gasket. Once that code is over the world the ghouls won’t be able to get it.” Stuart Wilde

Jesus’s anti-matter self is Lucifer. The name Lucifer means Bringer of Light. What you’ve been led to believe in the past is that Lucifer is bad, but you have to remember that there has been a huge cover-up perpetuated by the major religions throughout the world, especially the Catholic Church, and everything we’ve been taught is backwards.

Lucifer is the human Redeemer’s protector. If the human Redeemer didn’t have a protector in the mirror-world/spiritual dimensions, he’d get killed by people’s bickering and hate like he did 2000 years ago. The anti-matter self of the Returned Christ who is spoken of in the Book of Revelations, who is the great warrior who brings war upon the earth when he returns, is not here to create physical war.  The mirror-world self of the Christ – known as Lucifer – isn’t made of matter, so therefore he cannot fight a physical war. He can only fight a spiritual war. Yet, in doing so he eliminates the spiritual entities and masters that pull the strings of the people here on earth – those individuals who refuse to process their shadow and who refuse to become Custodians of the Light. It is their own anti-matter self that is demonic, it is their own anti-matter self that pushes them to do evil in this world, and it is their own anti-matter self that rises up and kills them or arranges the circumstances of their death if they don’t process that part of themselves that is dark.

Jesus and Lucifer’s mission is to create war upon the anti-matter selves of all the evil people who exist on earth at the time of his return along with all those that existed prior to that time back as far as 2000 years ago. He’s here to clean up. He is a Being that is moving backwards in time, so he will go from the present moment backwards, to the time when they crucified him, and he will deal with all the anti-matter selves of the people who have lived on earth during that time and the imprint that they have made upon the world as a result of their evil.

You may be wondering how it is that Jesus can have control over his anti-matter self.  That is a very good question, because 2000 years ago when he was in the desert for 40 days and was tempted by his anti-matter self, he denied that part of himself that could have protected him when his disciples were too weak to do so. So this time (upon his return), instead of denying that aspect of himself and avoiding it, he has/will embrace it and love it and make it right instead of making it wrong. By making it wrong it can’t protect him, and like a child that was abandoned it will run amok and demand attention until finally it gets the attention that it was seeking. Even Jesus had lessons to learn in his quest to become whole.

For us ordinary humans who are working towards becoming a Custodian of the Light though, the more we deny our dark side, the louder our anti-matter self will protest, until we are forced to face that aspect of ourselves that we don’t love and that we’ve been denying. We cannot become whole until we embrace our dark side. Instead, we’ll be half a yin-yang symbol rather than a whole, and we’ll always experience imbalance in our life as a result of that lack of wholeness.

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