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baby getting vaccination

By Rachel Malone

Anybody advocating for the forced medical procedure of mandated vaccination, has no interest whatsoever in the health and well-being of all children. If you did, you would realise that forcing all children to have a vaccination in spite of the health risks associated with vaccine injury means that death and permanent injury will be associated with such a scheme – adverse vaccine reactions are at times so disabling and life threatening, more so than the risk of diseases being vaccinated for.

To advocate for blanket vaccination without understanding the health implications to those who will in fact have an immune response which alters their system forever, is to be absolutely ignorant to the inherent health risks associated with the practice of vaccine administration. This is an intentional lack of transparency perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry to prevent parents and the community at large from understanding the true risks.

Even paracetamol and aspirin can have severe health injuries in the wrong patients, and vaccines are no exception. They contain harmful toxins including MSG, Aspartame, Formaldehyde, Aluminium, Flu shots contain thimerosal (Mercury) – all of these and more, act as “adjuvants”, which overstimulate the immune systems of patients to attack the germs which accompany the toxins. This system of immune response has been attributed to the increase in allergies, and autoimmune disease increases in the population including the incidence of asthma, autism, MS, epilepsy, and of course other allergies along with countless others.

In the USA there is a vaccine injury court, this is one set up specifically to offer a no fault system of compensation for people who have been injured or who have died as a result of the medical procedure of vaccination. In Australia and elsewhere, there is no system of compensation if your child has an adverse vaccine reaction – you have to sue the doctor who administered the vial. At least the USA’s precedent proves that there is an understanding from a legal stand point that there is inherent risk to individuals in the process of mass vaccinations, and due to the proposed and supposed benefit to the majority, these people should be compensated monetarily for their injuries.

Please do your research and you will discover that the whooping cough vaccine is being indicated as the reason for the latest outbreaks of whooping cough in the community; the flu vaccines are being banned for children (and elderly and pregnant should be no exception – while healthy people shouldn’t need them anyway!) because they are resulting in permanent injury and death (encephalitis, epilepsy, the whole gammut).

Before we implement blanket medical procedures to all members of the population, first we should change our vaccine injury monitoring systems from “passive” (parents and doctors responsible for initiating reporting possible associated injuries after vaccines) with “active” monitoring (all negative health implications are marked on the register by physicians as standard protocol so that we can see if there is a true relationship between the onset of illnesses and injuries after vaccines).

The current statistics on this situation are so blatantly biased in under-reporting, due to the lack of an accurate sample for the population as a whole, that we can draw no conclusions from the passive monitoring system for injuries at all. Until we change that to understand the true risks, we are in no position to enforce a mass medical procedure on the most vulnerable members of our society.

This is a comment that deserves lots of likes.. It was refreshing after reading so many comments in support. It was quite frightening really to see how quickly people follow without any thought at all……..

(Rachel’s comment was left beneath an image posted on the group page Vaccine Free Australia on 16th July, 2015.)