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zionist zuckerberg

By Donovan Christie

Facebook is about to censor all posts that discourage vaccinations. The reason vaccine truth does not have a voice on Facebook is because Zuckerberg is a Zionist. Vaccine truth and apartheid Palestine are two of the biggest news stories that the mainstream media ignore or distort to suit their own supremacist agendas.

The occupied Palestinians who have been made refugees in their own country have no voice in the media, vaccine injuries & deaths are hardly ever reported and when they are its one sided to protect the vaccine safety image.

Soon it will be illegal to speak about vaccine issues or the theft of the Palestinians home land, and the murder of Palestinian children and activists like the brave Rachel Corrie who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer that was busy demolishing Palestinian homes.

The media would have us believe the native Palestinians are terrorists , that Palestinian mothers give birth to “little snakes” and should all be killed.

The people of Palestine welcomed the “settlers” into their land when they transferred from Germany as per the 1933 transfer agreement and look how that turned out for them, their land was stolen and renamed.

And they try to tell us that vaccines are safe and effective, when the truth is vaccines cause massive harm.

Palestinians are victims of a brutal occupation by a powerful military force that is supported by the USA because the U.S congress is mostly dual Israeli citizens and always put Israel first, Zionists have very successfully hijacked American media and government and as a result, control and filter what news stories we all see in the rest of the world.