The United States government is a private for profit business and traded as a business on Dun & Bradstreet. No one is obliged to pay taxes unless they volunteer into the system by applying for an SSN.

This is an excerpt for Aaron Russo’s “FREEDOM TO FASCISM”

Many people in prison are in prison voluntarily because they applied to come under the corporate authority of this fictional government. A government on paper and nothing more. The illusion is its forte. When the illusion is taken down men can be free. Unfortunately the policy enforcers are also under the illusion that this is a legitimate government and there are also many that are enforcing the policies of this defacto government because of their loyalty to the pope or their loyalties and oaths to many secret societies that are in positions of power throughout this defacto organisation. It is in reality a mafia disguised as legitimate government. The men and women who work on behalf of this organisation are “policy enforcers” and illegitimate.

Revoke your consent to be governed. Return their documents and evidences of a contract as they are rooted in fraud and deception. They are therefore void ab initio (from the beginning).

Did you know that your birth certificate was not to be used as I.D.? Everything is based on this one document that your mother applied for in exchange for benefits. You however, now knowing the truth can resign from this organisation whenever you want. Their policies will no longer apply and you will have the right to govern yourselves the way God almighty had intended.