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behind the mask

I am prompted to write this article due to a situation where I experienced a lack of respect when first meeting another attendee at a local church luncheon. This type of behaviour is what first prompted me to leave the Church in my late teens, and is the main reason why I stay away from Churches these days.

Now, I’m not what Christians would call a Christian, nor do I want to be.  Essentially I’m a Wilde Fringe-dweller, one whose spiritual beliefs were taught to me by Stuart Wilde. I have a close relationship with the Christ because on a spiritual level Stuart Wilde is the child spoken of in the Book of Revelations, and I am a long-time (27 years) loyal student of his, therefore his Grace is granted to me because of that. So yes, even though it’s not what mainstream Christians perceive as having a relationship with Jesus, I do in fact have a relationship with Jesus.

Now let me clarify something here. Even though Stuart Wilde is my teacher, I’ve done my own research beyond his teachings and come to certain conclusions on my own, which later I found to be straight in line with the more advanced teachings of Stuart’s anyway. I discovered that I already knew much of the hidden teachings after I was sent the file containing all of the RC lessons and the RC notice board. Much of what I knew by then was in that file, yet I didn’t need the Redeemer’s Club to work things out – I did it on my own by piecing things together over the course of my 27 year journey as a Wilde warrior.

The situation that I’m writing about here is one that I’ve seen a million times when attending so-called ‘Christian’ churches. An adult-girl calling herself Suzanne (I won’t describe her as a woman, because to be a woman means to have matured, and this adult-girl certainly wasn’t mature), brought a chair into a small group that I was sitting with so that she could sit down with us. She hadn’t been invited to do so by any of the three of us, she just took it upon herself to do it.

Sitting in our group was myself and two gentlemen, and we were having a philosophical discussion which we were deeply involved in when Suzanne interrupted. Once she had sat down, she then promptly put her hand out towards me to shake my hand (a gesture which normally indicates friendliness) and immediately began to interrogate me in a disrespectful manner. She asked me where I lived (of which my answer was local to the church function, of course), then insisted that I answer the questions “Have you given your life to God? Are you in a relationship with God?” She was abrupt and hostile, so my answer (which should always be your answer too) was “My relationship with God is between me and God and is none of your business.”

The way in which she asked her initial questions set off warning bells for me. She was pushy and arrogant, which of course most Christians are when they think of themselves are specially selected and chosen by God. I can assure you that anyone who thinks like this and looks down their nose on others will be one of the ones that Jesus says “Get away from me, I never knew you,” when the time comes. Anyway, once the warning bells had gone off for me, using my psychic abilities I then tuned into who she is and saw that she’s infested with ghouls and demons.  Her agenda is to antagonise, which is always the agenda of demonic forces, but she’s hiding behind the mask of being a Christian so that she can get away with her pretense.

Suzanne then began to question why I wouldn’t answer her question and insisted on keeping me locked into a debate with her. One of Stuart’s teachings is “Don’t defend,” which means that you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone once you say what you want to say. So, I stood up to leave, which is another of the actions of the Wilde Warriors – “In conflict I walk away” – however, Suzanne insisted on trying to follow me. In order to prevent this I turned to her and said that she wasn’t welcome to talk with me and that I did not want her to ever approach me again. I said it twice, putting up my hands in a “Stop, go no further” motion.

I am very confident about telling people they are not welcome to be part of my own circle of friends – it’s part of protecting myself from harm. So when I told her so early in our interactions that I wasn’t interested in talking with her she labelled what I had to say as anger. No Suzanne, I wasn’t angry, I was rejecting you, which you then labelled as anger so that you could cope with the embarrassment of being rejected in front of the people whom you were attempting to impress. You had lost control of the situation so this was your attempt to regain control. Rejection and anger are two different things. Rejection means that you’re not welcome (which is exactly what I said to you). If I’d been angry I wouldn’t have been so polite, I can assure you, so don’t lie to yourself about the truth of what went on.

Once I had set my boundaries with this woman, I walked out into the yard to continue talking with the taller man of the two guys that I’d been sitting with, and we went to the outskirts of the property near the front gate. Suzanne came out and placed herself in a position right in line with my line of sight as I was standing talking to this man, making sure that she could be seen, and attempted to stare at me for god knows whatever reason.  This was another hostile move by her to try to intimidate me. What it really is though is her own anger showing through the mask. So I promptly placed myself beside the guy and turned my back to her so that he and I were standing shoulder to shoulder, able to speak without the distraction of her standing where she could be seen. This woman is demonically possessed, no doubt at all. I say that not only because I could sense the demons with her, but also because of what I know about the way that demonically possessed people act. Only people who are demonically possessed feel the need to be in control all the time, and that was what this woman was pushing for. She was also pushing for a reaction, which isn’t loving at all. It’s hostile.

The other guy that had been sitting in our group of three was patiently waiting for me to finish talking with the first chap, and when I had then together we left and went to McDonalds for a while. There he told me that Suzanne has asked him if he will be her boyfriend.  He said that he had told her no, so I gathered that what was going on was an attempt by Suzanne to establish some kind of pecking order between her and I. Ahh, now I understand. Not only was this whole incident about establishing some kind of religious hierarchy, it was also about trying to intimidate me in front of the man she wants to impress and wants to be with.

True adherence to Jesus’s teachings means that we show Tenderness, Generosity and Respect. Those are the three Graces.  Suzanne had none of those at all. She labelled my actions when I set my boundaries with her as angry and didn’t apologise for her own disrespect, so she showed no tenderness. She wanted to push me out of the circle because I was talking to the guy whom she wants to be in a relationship with, so she showed no generosity. She was pushy and arrogant so she lacked respect.

I have often seen this same kind of elitism when attending traditional churches.  One girl I knew when I was a teenager would introduce people to her parents in the following way: “Mum, this is Shaun, he’s not a Christian,” or “Mum, this is Rowena, she’s a Christian.” It was truly vile to watch this type of behaviour from someone who so adamantly professed to be a Christian. Then another experience of similar vileness was when recently I was told “You don’t fit in” when I had attended a local church that is connected to a service that helps people. When I had spoken about the fact that I am a psychic, I was immediately ousted. That type of behaviour is what I call Religious Snobbery, and it’s rife in Churches everywhere. It comes from ignorance of the true teachings of Jesus, as well as the cult of the Chosen Ones.

Only Love, Tenderness, Generosity and Respect will ever put your energy in line with the energy that awaits us in Heaven. Anything else immediately keeps you locked out of Heaven’s gate, because to expect to get in without those three Graces is delusion. The gatekeeper won’t allow you past because you’d bring all your demons with you were you ever to attempt to try, and so the ACCESS DENIED sign would be enforced.  We must align with the same energy as the Heavenly realms if we ever want to be part of God’s Kingdom.

I make no apologies for being one of God’s Gladiators. If anyone wants to be disrespectful to me, you can expect that I will tell you that you are not welcome in my world. Until you own your darkness and apologise and show true contrition, don’t expect me to suffer your bad behaviour, because I simply won’t do it.