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A Dark and Evil Betrayal

I have been asked to write this and post it with the permission of certain people written about in this article. There are two individuals involved who have given their permission to write about this, a dark and evil betrayal, and they are mentioned in the second half of the article. But first, a background to what is going on.

Earth is a planet that Beings from many other planets and dimensions want to live on and exist within close proximity to.  According to the Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis, there are over 10,500 races of different Beings here on earth. Hundreds of billions of shards of their souls have incarnated into the various life-forms that we have here on earth, from flowers to trees to birds to fish to animals to insects to humans, and even to those who exist in the astral realms.  For all of those various different races of Beings to be able to get along down here on earth, the ones who chose to become Human, a DNA skin suit was formed so that everyone could exhibit either the same or a similar appearance to each other, therefore allowing them to interact with one another.

At one stage in time, many hundreds of thousands of years ago, our particular Universe wasn’t a freewill one. There are four Universes in our close proximity, all of which began without freewill. Instead they were governed by a standard order in which no living Being in any way, shape or form was allowed to deviate from the sense of order that they all had.  Then everything changed. In an event that was the first of its kind in the Multiverse, in a moment that changed our history forever, our Universe went from being controlled by order, to being one that allowed the Beings within it to have their own free will, the result of which has often been chaos but has also had some wondrous results as well.

According to Stuart Wilde, the way in which this Universe was created was via the lovemaking session of a Mother Goddess whom he named the Goddess of a Trillion Universes.  We know her as Goddess Kali. It was the creative energy of an orgasm that formed our Universe. Goddess Kali’s intention to create this Universe was established prior to the lovemaking session during which, at the point of orgasm, she sent the energy out that was needed to create our Universe and her intention was immediately fulfilled. One would not be wrong to conclude that Goddess Kali is somewhat of a nymphomaniac, based on the number of Universes that Stuart Wilde says she’s the creator of.

As the Earth took on a shell, a spark of light was placed inside of the shell which created life on earth. Through intention, Goddess Kali created life here on earth in various forms each time she had an orgasm, while making love with her consort Lord Shiva.  Her children are the flowers, the rain, the leaves on the trees, the oceans, the earth and the air that we breathe. In fact, Kali herself is the earth, or rather, Gaia – that is why our planet is known as Mother Earth. She IS all of these things. Lord Shiva too is in the various life-forms here, but he is also in our Sun. Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis says that to get through the gateway into this Universe all Beings must pass through the Sun, as the Sun IS the gateway to our Universe. It is also why the Taoists so strongly suggest aligning with nature in order to fill ourselves with inner wisdom, and why there are certain groups of people who Sun Gaze.

The teachings of the current propagated version of history, along with the teachings of the Catholic and Christian churches, lead people away from a more accurate account of how our existence came to be, but more importantly, they disconnect us from our access to our own inner wisdom by constantly tempting us to look outside of ourselves for answers with distractions and news that makes us fearful, and so-called experts who know better than us. It’s all bullshit. We as individuals are the only ones who know what choices to make and what path is right for us. It’s only when we become separated from our organic nature that we turn outwards for answers.

There is a war on earth, a battle for control of the planet and a battle for control of our souls, executed by forces that entered into our realm here on earth during a series of incarnations that occurred shortly after this earth began to flourish with life as a 7th dimensional galactic seed planet. The earth has shrunk in size as it lowered in vibration, going from 7th to 6th, to 5th and 4th, and finally now to lower 3rd dimension, a place that we won’t get out of unless all people wake up. It’s the sleepers who hold us locked into this dimension, so it is our job to help them awaken to the true nature of what is going on here on our beautiful planet and in our glorious world.

“There are 15 entities here who are known as the Prime 15 multi-dimensional Beings, who are challenging our Universe and Galaxy in order to become Prime Creators inside of it. It is a battle at the highest level of free-will. Essentially these 15 powerful Beings are the switchboard operators behind millions of people on the planet. Each one of the 15 is much too large to fit into the one body, and so they split into soul shards and enter into multiple bodies. For example, the Being behind the Rothschild’s family exists inside of over one million three hundred thousand people on the planet. It is only one Being, but it is split inside of many. That is how the Rothschild’s are able to maintain their control over their Banking Dynasty – because of the fact that each human who is part of their dynasty was born with a destiny to fulfill because they had a shard of their soul that belonged to the original Dark Being who controls them, so in effect, one mind operates the entire group of souls just like an intranet, passing on information via their soul connection to each and every one of them.

Some of the 15 Beings are the head of the Illuminati and are the main 200 families that are breeding groups for the ones that are the final controllees ie. the ones that work inside of their organisations, such as the military, the police, governments, churches and banks. They are different to the Archons. Archons are Beings in the astral worlds that they brought in to be the managers of their false light technologies. The Being that is the intelligence behind the military has over 18 million soul shards of itself spread throughout the militaries of the world, which enables the whole military organisation worldwide to operate with the same ultimate agenda in mind. It will allow the military and the police to unite and act in complete and total co-operation in order to bring in worldwide Martial Law. This is why when Jesus confronted Satan and asked him to identify himself, Satan told him “I am Legion.”

Just after the creation of our Universe, there was the first, second and third opening of our immigration doors into this Universe. Four of these 15 Dark Beings represent the third generation of immigrants, and the rest of them represent the seventh generation of immigrants. They are both light and dark, and they play with the laws of light and dark and create chaos using the systems of belief, pitting people against one another over the sets of beliefs that they have been given by these same Beings. Just as in the example of how the Illuminati fund both sides of the various wars that occur on the planet, so too do they disseminate the belief systems that cause humans to argue and fight amongst themselves over what they believe is true. In fact, almost all wars, fights and arguments are over belief systems or perspectives. It’s the “I am right and you are wrong” mentality.

Even within different belief systems, those who create the stories that become the myths or belief systems that are empowered by the fanatical worship of their followers are usually the breeders within particular groups. The 15 Dark Beings have placed themselves into cultic personalities all across the globe in order to have people follow them, with the purpose of leading them astray from their own sovereignty. They do this via their incredible charm and charisma with the help of the media – look at all the singers, musicians, actors and sportsmen and women who rise to fame but who don’t set a good example for people to follow.

The Nephilim were just one representation for what is known as The Divinity Path where Beings who were mass manipulated became aware of the 15 Multi-Dimensional Beings here on earth and they began a long term soul chess game to see who could mass incarnate on the planet and take over the breeding group.  It was never about physical technology and boots on the ground, for as long as you own the astral worlds and the breeding groups you own the world for an infinite amount of time until something – another group – can out-breed you on the planet.” (Essentially this quote contains mostly Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis’s words, with snippets of information thrown in by my informant. Hereafter, I’ll add some extra information to these words in what I share next with you).

This would explain why the God spoken of in the Old Testament seems to be a different God to the one that Jesus speaks of in the New Testament in the Bible. It is because of the fact that by the time the DNA skin suit known as Jesus came along, he and his soul partner Mary Magdalene, along with his mother Mary who was literally also his soul mother, and his father who was Mother Mary’s soul partner from the ninth dimension, had out-bred the other races of Beings that were living here, and their spiritual offspring were now the dominant race of souls on the planet.

Take note that the two female angels spoken of in the Bible in Zechariah 5:9 and Jeremiah 8:7  (who when they are not in their angelic bodies but rather are in their most recognisable form, are Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene in their human bodies), are way too large to fit into the one human body, so they are split into many people all over the planet, but they are here walking amongst us. They are the two mothers – they are currently the only two mothers – of all the soul children who have shards within the humans who are the family of the God that Jesus refers to who live on this planet right at this moment in time. Essentially, there’s quite a good deal less number of main souls than the number of human DNA skin suits who embody those souls. Even the soul children are divided into smaller shards from a much larger soul, with pieces and parts of themselves living out various different lives in different locations and different countries all over the world, in order to gather the wisdom needed to expand their understanding and knowledge and to experience being human. And for Father God and Mother Earth to experience and expand themselves. The God and Goddess designed things this way so that they could expand and know both light and dark from all perspectives. Their children are a “chip off the old block”, so to speak. This is why in Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis’s soul contract revocation technologies he speaks of selves, past present and future, in all timelines, places and dimensions. Go and check his Contract Removal Technologies if you have any doubts. The Old Testament is essentially the story of one race of Beings out-breeding another.

Having given you a basic introduction to the much more encompassing version of history than what you’ve been told prior to this, with help from Stuart Wilde, Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis and my informant, I’m now going to explain what happened in a very evil betrayal that occurred to a woman who did not deserve to be publically slandered and humiliated the way that she was on the website of Stuart Wilde in late April 2012. Her name is Nicole Kelly.

Khris Krepcik is Stuart Wilde’s most advanced student who, as his existence unfolded, remembered who he was and that he is a very powerful Being. He is one of the spiritual warriors that tickles the ghouls that hide within humans out of hiding in the people that he deals with. There are other warriors who tickle the ghouls out of hiding, one of them being Stuart.  Not all of them are male, and one of them is Shé D’Montford who was Stuart’s ex-girlfriend and occasionally still his lover before he died, and who still had an influence on his life at the time that the public slander event went on.

Khris Krepcik of The Hooded Sage site and Shé D’Montford are the main incarnations of Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali that live on this planet at the moment.  There are others, but those two are the main heads of the group – the switchboard operators, so to speak.

In May of 2012 Khris Krepcik and Shé D’Montford used Stuart Wilde’s website to post a dark and evil betrayal in the form of a nasty article about Nicole, the woman who is Stuart’s ninth dimensional wife.  It wasn’t posted to either Khris or Shé’s own site, but rather, to Stuart’s.  Not only did it cause an uproar amongst Stuart’s students, but it also appeared (to those who didn’t recognise that the fingerprint in the actual writing within the article wasn’t Stuart’s) that Stuart had written the post. Many people were extremely disappointed in Stuart. Some were so disgusted that they were overheard saying that they would never read a single word he wrote ever again. Stuart was highly embarrassed and regretted having spoken to his two colleagues about the situation that caused them to write the post. Yet despite Stuart’s huge regret at having allowed this situation to occur, and despite the fact that what was written was full of lies, Khris and Shé have still refused to take down the post or apologise, and at the time that it was posted they put a spell on the article so that Stuart wasn’t able take it down while he was still living.

Now, the purpose of having explained what I wrote in the first half of this article was to give the reader an understanding of how things work on this planet prior to informing the reader that several of the people in the Stuart Wilde Facebook group are ‘arms’ of either Stuart, Khris or Shé.  The individual who gave me this information knows that Lenie Pia Hansen has a shard of the same soul as one of them in her, so for those of you who have been bullied and harassed by Lenie, now you know who is behind her nastiness. Then we have Sue Seymour who also has a shard of the same soul as one of the three, so for those of you who have had to deal with that woman’s horrid behaviour, now you know why she can be such a bitch. Sue Seymour is likely an incarnation of Kali, whereas Lenie Pia Hansen is likely an incarnation of Shiva. Lynton Avon is likely another incarnation of Shiva, which his horrid behaviour betrays. Gia Varney is likely another incarnation of Kali or Vishnu in his tenth incarnation as Kalki. Charlotte Blissful-Life (her facebook name) is likely an incarnation of Shiva, and has been vindictively nasty in the past. Suzen, whose facebook profile is fringerella.fringedwellerina uses her ‘psychosis’ as a cover for covert ploys against you, and is likely an incarnation of Kalki or Death, most likely Kalki.

So if you’ve been emotionally or mentally beaten into submission when you’ve been a student on either the RC site or the Stuart Wilde Ning site, or the Stuart Wilde group page on Facebook, or the Hooded Sage site, or any time you’ve attended a workshop or a lecture by any one of these people, that’s why. You’re dealing with an army of soldiers controlled by either Shé D’Montford or Khris Krepcik, or Stuart Wilde. Have you ever wondered why some of the students seem to get away with the utmost abusive behaviour and don’t get disciplined or pulled up on it? Well that’s why. But wait, read further because there is a reason why these things happen.

There are a couple of other very powerful Beings who are part of the team, and one of them embodies Death. He only has to think of death and the person dies. If you sense that you’re dealing with someone who has that kind of power, just mind your P’s and Q’s around him. You don’t want to piss someone like that off in a hurry, believe me. Together, the four of them make up the Four Horsemen of the Book of Revelation, just in case you hadn’t already worked that out. The Four are Kali, Shiva, Vishnu/Kalki and Death. The other powerful Beings who form part of the team are Lord Ganesha in his human forms, Lord Hanuman in his human forms, of which there are a number of ‘arms’ of both of them as well, and the seventh is the goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi.

Now, the thing that you need to be aware of is that these ‘arms’ of Shiva, Kali and Kalki will corner you and set you up in their manic quest to bring out your shadow, a position from which they’ve become drunk on their own power. As Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis says, when Beings of the Light will stop at nothing to rid the world of darkness, they’ve ceased to be Beings of the Light any longer and are now becoming dark themselves. All sorts of games go on in the Stuart Wilde groups and pages, but never will either Shé or Khris admit to being the ones behind those who do the game playing. It’s always their foot soldiers (meaning those who are either ‘arms’ of themselves, or their soul children from their own breeding group) who do their warrior work. The only time that either Shé or Kris will step in and put their foot down with you themselves is when they haven’t been able to beat you into submission via one of their other foot soldiers.

Yes, you read right. There are people within these groups who are the soul children of the ninth dimensional aspects of Khris Krepcik and Shé D’Montford, who when Shé or Khris consider it necessary to do so, can be used to act out their will. This is besides the fact that there are ‘arms’ of them around also. So too are there people who are ‘arms’ of Stuart Wilde and there are people that are ‘arms’ of his partner (who is the main incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, Stuart Wilde being the main incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Kalki when he was alive). Now can you see why drawings and paintings of the Hindu Gods depict them with multiple arms? It’s because such an image is the pictorial explanation of how the Hindu Gods have multiple selves in numerous places. Look at our language – in business a branch of an organisation is called an ‘arm’, is it not? It’s still part of the main business, but it’s a sub-branch rather than the Head Office. It doesn’t have the main decision makers working there, and those at a sub-branch/’arm’ have to follow the main branch’s rules and regulations, yet they are still an important part of the whole organisation.

There are also soul children of Stuart and his ninth dimensional wife as well – which is why he so often referred to his students as his ‘family’ in all of his writings and within the lyrics of the music that he helped to produce with Tim Wheater and the angelically beautiful Norwegian singer Cecilia. Jen Govey is one of Stuart and Nicole’s soul children, as is Andrew Lavery. In fact, people all over the world are part of Stuart and Nicole’s family – there are millions of soul children on the planet.

You may ask how an adult student of Stuart’s can be one of their children if Stuart and his spiritual wife only got married recently in the ninth dimension. Well, at that level, they can cross both forward and backward in time – an ability that allows them to take part in what Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis calls The Timeline Wars – and Stuart went back and visited Nicole for a period of three or four years when she was a little girl up until the age of seven and had travelled with her light body (at the point when she was about to fall asleep at night), forward in time to an age when she was able to have children. They produced a massive number of children in the ninth dimension, breaking all the known rules of time and space in the process. While Nicole’s ninth dimensional light body was with Stuart in that dimension, she gave birth to the souls that then entered multiple people here on earth during that period when her physical body was just a little girl, blessing them with the energy of a very pure virgin birth due to the fact that her human body was still only a child. Those souls were placed into people who were born from the late 1950s onwards. This explains Nicole’s intense aversion to giving birth naturally. She told her mother when she was just aged six that she would never, not under any circumstances whatsoever, give birth naturally. She was only ever going to have her physical children via a caesarean. Millions of births in a short time frame within the memory capacity of one lifetime would certainly have that effect of a young girl hey, even though the births were in a different dimension. Now how would a six year old come to that decision if they didn’t know what the pain of childbirth was like?

Nicole is the main living incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi on the planet at the moment, a shard of her soul also having incarnated into the Norwegian singer Cecilia who sang on an album that Stuart took part in creating back in the 90s. Cecilia has a piece of the same soul, but has a different life path. In fact, almost all of Stuart’s serious girlfriends or wives had a shard of the soul of Lakshmi in them. So too did Princess Diana, which explains why Stuart Wilde took such a strong interest in her life and was so devastated at her death. So too does Cate Blanchette. All of the ‘arms’ of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses are here to expose the darkness, which is why Princess Diana was so outspoken and was murdered for being so. She had talked too often and told too much of what was going on in the Royal Family, and had openly objected to their hoarding of wealth. Now of course Princess Diana is going to do that if she’s an ‘arm’ of Goddess Lakshmi, isn’t she? Goddess Lakshmi is all about helping others less fortunate than herself with the wealth that she creates. She doesn’t hoard and she isn’t greedy. She has truly mastered money in the right way and with the purest of intentions.

In the month of June in 2012, Nicole had a rather heated debate with Khris Krepcik about that defamatory post, during which he admitted to having written and posted the article. Mind you, he’s never put that admission into writing, but he did admit to writing it and during the argument told her to shut-up. After all, he was Stuart’s webmaster at the time (and still is, even though when he got wind of this post he took his name off the Stuart Wilde site) and he had all of the passwords needed to get access into the back end of the site, so it was easy for him to upload it. But for those who remember the post, if you’d had a good look at the writing and checked it for the rhythm normally embedded within the writings of Stuart Wilde (and the symptoms of his dyslexia), those rhythms aren’t there. The writing style was completely different. So too was the syntax. Stuart Wilde didn’t write the article. Khris Krepcik with the help of She D’Montford did. See the screenshot below. It shows from the internet archives who was the webmaster at the time that the post went up. Click on the image to open it up in a new window so that you may see the details more clearly.

Update: KK was so insanely angry with this post that he put a spell on the image below so that it wouldn’t enlarge once it was opened. When I set up this article, it was possible to click on the image and it would enlarge in another window. Now it won’t. So in order to view it, either click on the image at the top of the article, or here is the link address instead:  https://web.archive.org/web/20120501205533/http://www.stuartwilde.com

a Dark and Evil Betrayal

It’s a testament to the truth of this article that when Khris Krepcik realised that it was going to be posted, he took his name off the Stuart Wilde site (first week in March 2016) in an effort to hide the truth. Krepcik, you can run but you can’t hide. Even the Gods have to face having a light shone on their darkness when their time comes.

Apparently the post was put up because Nicole had talked about her ninth dimensional relationship with Stuart a few too many times. Just like Princess Diana, Nicole was talking too much, and like Princess Diana, it was members of her family who betrayed her. In an event that occurred in April of 2012, Nicole had spoken her mind to one of Stuart’s ‘arms’ in no uncertain terms, and he (Stuart) had got offended at how blunt she had been. He should not have been so offended because if he’d really taken a good look at it, Nicole was merely sending away an ‘arm’ of Stuart that she didn’t want to become involved with. Just because it was him didn’t mean that she had to agree to be with him. Nicole has the right to choose which vessel she wants to be with before Stuart steps into any one of his various ‘arms’ permanently so that they can be together, and in his impatience he had tried to pressure her to be with someone that she wasn’t attracted to, thus she had told him to fuck off in true Wilde style. Stuart should have known better – it wasn’t the first time that she had told him to fuck off.

Feeling hurt, Stuart had talked to Shé and Khris about what Nicole had done, and those two had plotted to punish Nicole and expel her from the fold. Kris had always been jealous of Nicole, so he was pleased to help Stuart out. Their way of making her shut up was to put up that post.  How nasty. Let me ask you this – would you like to learn from or have readings from someone who is prepared to make the man that they profess to love look so terribly bad in the eyes of his readers just so that his twin flame would stop mentioning their relationship? Not to mention the fact that they did it in a way that didn’t affect them and that nobody suspected was them. I know that I certainly wouldn’t. The time has come to expose Khris and Shé for their own darkness, which is exactly what they love to do so often to others.  What goes around comes around ladies and gents.

Whatever their plan had been, it didn’t work. They wanted to banish Stuart’s partner so that he would stop loving her. It didn’t work, and only made him feel terribly guilty; thus he made an extra effort to love and comprehend Nicole. From her perspective, posting that article helped Nicole to work out “who’s who in the zoo”, so to speak, and provided her with an insight into what was going on within the Stuart Wilde groups that she hadn’t been able to work out before. It helped her to see what all the game playing was about, and to see people for who they really are, and most importantly to remember who she is. It helped her to remember and piece together more parts of the big picture than she’d been able to work out before, that had previously baffled her whenever one of the ‘arms’ had been toying with her mind. Her soul children didn’t tend act like that unless they felt possessive of Stuart out of jealousy, and Stuart’s interactions with her through his various ‘arms’ were usually (but not always) less harsh than those she experienced with the others, although he did smack her on the wrist on numerous occasions for being too outspoken. Only the various other selves of Khris and Shé would play some pretty rugged mind games, so it finally hit her what was actually going on.

All of these ‘arms’ of Stuart, Khris, Shé and Death form part of the double band of evil that surrounds the Celestial dimensions. In the Bible this band of evil is referred to in the book of Luke, in chapter 16 verse 26. This verse talks about the pit between earthly reality and the Celestial dimensions. One cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless he or she crosses that pit, and unless he or she has eliminated the demons and ghouls within themselves so that when they do pass through the gates, they don’t pollute the Celestial dimensions with their own darkness.

It is the Hindu Gods and Goddesses dark little brothers and sisters that protect the gates of Heaven. The first band of evil that one has to pass is the outer Matrix of control, so our first task is to go through the waking up stage. This is where we discover that those in power such as governments, pharmaceutical companies, and banking organisations aren’t our friends. In fact, most of what we are taught is an illusion designed to lead us away from Grace. The next band of evil is a much closer to home band within ourselves. So it’s the dark little brothers and sister’s job to keep us out of the heavenly realms until we’ve dealt with that, therefore you’ll find that the ‘friends’ that you make in that group do shitty things that seem to be purposely directed to make you feel angry, fearful or insecure. You’re right – they purposely are doing that. It’s so that you can see those fears and insecurities within yourself and resolve them, however, it’s a horrendous set of trials, tribulations and tests that you’ll go through if you truly want to make it out of here. It’s up to you to find the core within yourself that they are able to tap into, and then it’s up to you to resolve it. Remember, to get through the gates of Heaven into the Celestial realms you must have No Fear and No Anger and bring no darkness with you.

The problem in Nicole’s situation is that the boundaries get blurred in her approach towards those gates, because her human self has an Aluna Mirror-World Self that’s in there already, and she’s already the partner of Stuart Wilde, but in learning to soften up so that her physical body can cross through one of the shimmering doors, she gets pushed along a lot quicker due to the fact that Stuart wants to be with her and fill her with his love as soon as possible. He often pushes her to evolve way faster and harder than he does his other students, thus she has to endure situations that are MUCH more difficult than what others have been put through, such as having an ‘arm’ of Stuart try to pressure her into a relationship that she doesn’t want. Just because she’s already his ninth dimensional wife doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a say as to what physical body she agrees to be with when they get together in this 3D reality. She should be free to be with someone that she’s attracted to.

The only reason that Stuart had for keeping their relationship quiet was the fact that he knew that many of the students would become jealous and would try to harm Nicole. That happened anyway – he wasn’t able to prevent it. Despite being given the tools to learn how to be loving, many of the students failed to put what they had learned into action. Stuart couldn’t do anything about that – after all, this is a free will Universe and everyone has the right to do whatever they want. Oh, and for those who might remember the article in which Stuart said that one of the women on his A-List made it, he was referring to Nicole in case you haven’t realised it yet.

Nicole has faced forces that were pitted against her since birth. For example, the body that she incarnated into got stuck in the birth canal and her soul contracts and DNA memories were altered by the Dark Beings that Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis speaks of. Instead of her soul entering into a less hostile and violent environment, she got stuck in a body that faced a very tough life in the home that she grew up in where there was very little love and much violence and abuse. Many times she wanted to return home and exit this existence by her own hand, all because of the fact that there were Dark Beings who knew who she was and what she was here to do, and they wanted to prevent her in any way that they could to finish her mission here on earth.  They were pushing her to give up hope and were constantly attacking her and causing hostility between her parents, her father being violent towards her mother, and both being abusive towards her or her brother. The Dark Beings even sent a reptilian demon to terrify and possess her when she was 8 – a situation that Stuart had to help her escape from.

It is a fact that after Stuart died he was set free of the human manipulations of those who were closest to him and could see Nicole’s rightful place in his life. Of course, he’d seen the future and the past before, but the minor details of any situation will always alter slightly depending on what happens at the time, and due to the law of free-will, futures can always alter in an instant. Stuart knew that Nicole embodied the main incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, and had been his wife in his incarnation as Merlin as well as other vital incarnations. Shé D’Montford and Khris Krepcik’s plot to harm Nicole, to divide Stuart from Nicole, and to harm their love for each other didn’t work. It simply cemented their relationship further.

You know, the funny thing about such a dark and evil betrayal is that the accusations against Nicole are the very same socially unacceptable behaviours that Shé does in her own life. Khris and Shé alleged to the world some very defamatory allegations against Nicole, yet Shé openly admits that male lovers pay to have her travel to see them from all over the world because of “her beauty”.  Those are Shé’s own words, by the way – you can see them underlined in the screenshot image of her site below. Click on the image to see it in larger detail.

A Dark and Evil Betrayal

Hmmm, now what difference is there in what Shé has said in that article of hers and what Khris and Shé alleged that Nicole was supposed to be doing? Not much at all huh. Sounds more likely to me that Shé was writing about herself rather than Nicole, which is always the case when an individual slanders another. They see the splinter in someone else’s eye prior to taking out the log from their own.

“See you” on the journey readers.