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Mass Murder Official Killing in Tasmania

Mass Murder – The Official Killing at Port Arthur in Tasmania, by Keith Noble

In 1996, I lived in Germany. The official narrative flooded the international media and, like most people, I accepted what I saw and read about what happened. It was, and still is, a terrible incident. Firearms were subsequently controlled in Australia, and life went on. It was not until a decade had passed that I, then involved with another corrupt case in Australia, started seeing literature which told another story about the incident at Port Arthur. The literature that I compiled titled “Mass Murder – Official Killing in Tasmania” was not just retrospective words about the case, and writing of the time-healing-wounds type. It was literature based on detailed examinations of the official narrative. On closer inspection, the narrative does not stand up.

Getting to the point, the literature that I compiled exposes the official narrative as being a concocted story which covers up very serious crimes. Not crimes the State said happened, but crimes committed by the State itself. Putting an ever sharper tip to this point, and the literature details this clearly, the incident at and near Port Arthur in Tasmania was MASS MURDER – deliberate killing. More specifically, a premeditated, planned, and professional psycho-political terror attack. It was used as the prelude to the passing of legislation to take control over the private possession of certain types of firearms throughout Australia: to disarm the people.

This is a very serious statement to make. But be assured that those who have examined, researched, and questioned the official narrative have attended to their work in an extremely thorough manner. They have documented and broadcast their findings. Articles and books written by them are not ideas and theories scribbled down. The investigators who contributed to the book “MASS MURDER Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia” have given their life, their money, and their energies, to studying the Port Arthur incident. Their findings are truly troubling. I am not related to any person whose name or writing is included in the book that I have compiled, which you will find a link to at the end of this article. Along with millions of others living in Australia, and elsewhere around the world, I am rightly critical of police – in general as an organisation, and in particular when individual cops behave in unethical and criminal ways. Too many cops are blunt instruments with levels of intelligence far too low for all the duties that they are expected to fulfill. No recruit who is morally minded, which is what the public wants, could possibly last in the environment of corruption, incompetence, and thuggery which is what police forces (not services) in Australia seem unwilling and unable to rise up from (Google police violence Australia for details on this national disgrace).

Though it does, this book titled “MASS MURDER Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia” was not compiled to be critical of officials and governmental systems. Nor was it compiled to make money or to promote firearm ownership (I do not own a firearm, nor am I a member of any firearm group. But given the criminal governments that exist, I understand why citizens should keep a weapon). It was compiled: to stimulate questions; to see the truth, the whole truth told; to have justice served for all victims of the official incident; and, to have all those who are directly and indirectly responsible for the official incident at and near Port Arthur, apprehended, charged, tried, and imprisoned for their heinous crime of MASS MURDER.

Question all case-related acts, assertions, conclusions, etc. Don’t accept the facts of the case as officials have described them, as many official descriptions are deliberately inaccurate. Once you see through the official cover-up, you will be staggered, and yes even angered, by the evil things perpetrated. No person with an IQ of 66 whose understanding is that of an 11-year-old could have done what the State keeps insisting Martin Bryant did – insisting without a shred of legal proof. To see your way through the State’s many lies, put the beliefs of your family and friends behind you. Grasp the objective truth for yourself without being influenced by what others unthinkingly believe.

Read the book MASS MURDER Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia by downloading it here 2nd.edition.MASS.MURDER.content-interior

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