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This is How Karma Works

This is How Karma Works

They say that Karma is a bitch. Well, Karma’s only a bitch to those who deserve to reap the consequences of their actions. To help you understand more about Karma, we can imagine a scenario just to demonstrate the point. So then, this is how Karma works:

There’s a spiritual law in the Universe that dictates that if you take a life (it’s called murder), no matter whether it’s a human life or the life of an animal (let’s say someone’s pet), that there WILL be repercussions. Not just in this lifetime, but in lifetimes to come as well. Nobody escapes the consequences of their actions. Nobody.

For example, let’s say there’s a situation where you’re disgruntled that your neighbour has a number of pets that go onto your lawn and poo and wee, and you’re not a lover of pets so you don’t like it. Then let’s say that between you and other neighbours around that you have a bitch session about the neighbour’s pets, and over a period of time the bad feelings build (because you’ve been gossiping and revving things up by getting everyone involved), and one morning you just lose it. You threaten to wring your neighbour’s pet’s necks, and you yell it to your neighbour over the fence, loud enough for other people to hear.

Now let’s just say that your neighbour calls the police. The police come out, your neighbour tells the police what has been said and soon you find two not-so-friendly police officers knocking at your door. You’re asked not to do or say that you will murder the neighbour’s pet ever again, aren’t you? Well, the likely result of having been told that you’re to behave yourself by the police is that you’ll have complete and total hostility from then on towards your neighbour, right? Also, if you’re an evil person you’ll feel the need to take revenge.

Now let’s just say that you have some friends come over that afternoon, some other people you know who live in the area, and you bitch and moan about the fact that the police have been to have a little chat with you. Now, as you’re talking, one of the people that you are talking with takes it upon himself to sort the situation out. “That so-and-so won’t suspect who did this because they won’t witness it, and I’ll do it at night so that there’s less likelihood that I’ll get caught,” he says, and you all laugh and think how great it will be to enact a very perverse kind of revenge upon your neighbour.

Next evening the driver sits and waits a short distance down the street with the car engine idling, waiting for the time when the pet crosses the road to go to the gardens next to the carpark. Then pedal to the floor, the driver takes off. Only someone who knows the behaviour patterns of the pet would know to wait like that, and be able to time it so that he caught the pet unawares. Only someone with a black heart could even begin to think to do such a thing. He thought too that he couldn’t be heard doing what he did, but he was heard. The car has a distinct engine sound, so every single second of that journey is etched into the owner’s mind now. And the owner has a memory like an elephant for voices and other sounds, so it doesn’t take long to hear the same engine sound again and recognise it.

Anticipating the results, you wait. The driver phones or visits you with his accomplice. “Job done,” he says, while a harmless and beautiful animal lays dying on the side of the road, cold and alone and frightened and in terrible pain, after having been hit at 100 klm an hour in a ruthless act of revenge. You all think that this is hilariously funny and that the pet’s owner just got what they deserved for having called the police.

What you don’t realise is that there are Spiritual Beings who watch your every move, your every thought, and your every intention. Nothing is hidden. You might think that you got away with it, but you didn’t. It is never a good idea to assume that those people that you try to cause pain to don’t have connections in high places. Now, connections aren’t just those in this physical world, but also those that exist on the Spiritual plane – Spiritual Beings who are connected with the ones that you harmed and who are called Guardians. Massive, powerful Beings who CAN and DO take part in dishing out Karma.

Well now, what do you think would be the likely result of having done something like what is described in the above scenario? Let’s just say that the driver of the car that hit the pet also had someone in their life who was fully aware of the plot to kill the neighbour’s pet – one is the driver and the other sits either in the passenger seat beside him or is waiting at home for him to return. The kind of Karma that is likely to result from having hit an innocent and unsuspecting harmless and much loved pet, is that shortly after this incident occurs the driver is going to die in a car accident of their own where they too will experience a very slow and painful death in a situation where they are cold and alone and terrified. They won’t get alot of time here on earth after having taken part in such a sadistic act against their friend’s next-door-neighbour and the pet. Their time is very limited. But it doesn’t just end there. When this ruthless and heartless man reincarnates again, he will incarnate into a life of struggle. The punishment will go on and on and on.

The other participant is going to be left behind to live a lifetime of struggle ahead of them on earth. Financial stability will disappear, their health will suffer, and their own animals will suffer a similarly horrific death. Plus they will have to live with the realisation that they brought it all upon themselves. There won’t be anyone to blame but them. He/she doesn’t escape the consequences of having taken part in this murder either. Nothing is hidden, remember.

As for the neighbour who made the threat to kill the pets and who got everyone else all riled up to a point where they agreed that they should do something about it, well, that person has brought huge lifelong karma upon themselves.  They will experience financial losses, they will experience the loss of friendships, the loss of family members of their own (both through falling out with them and through death), and they will also experience the break up of their relationship and/or their marriage. That next-door-neighbour has set up a lifetime of struggle for themselves and has hexed their own family as a consequence of having instigated what has happened and for taking part in such a scenario by not trying to prevent the murder from taking place.

As for all the other neighbours who joined in and helped to build the scenario up to the point where murder was committed, they too have consequences coming. They don’t really think that it is possible to do this kind of thing and get away with it do they? They’re very stupid and naive if they do. All the gossip, slander and running to one another to add another bit of information about what went on, it was all seen and recorded. Those neighbours who made phone calls to each other were seen and heard by the Guardians. Every bit of gossip was heard, every action was seen, every gross bit of glee and sick delight that they took in the harm and pain that was caused was noted and measured. They too will face consequences.

For their part in all of this, at some stage in their life they’re going to be made famous for something that they’ve done that EVERYONE is going to know about and dislike them for, and they’ll be named and shamed publically and made to feel very humiliated and possibly put in jail. That’s just how Karma works.

So when people say that Karma is a bitch, really, all that has happened is that life has come back to show them who they really are, and who they are isn’t the ‘nice’ person, aren’t the ‘good’ people that they like to think that they are and pretend to be.

The “Bitch” my dear is you. The Bitch is you.