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With Mary

Australian man AJ Miller claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus. He teaches about healing oneself of the pain of the past and becoming emotionally free to live in the present moment, which are wonderful teachings indeed. However, he isn’t the only man talking about these things right now. The main point that makes me question what he says about himself, is that a true Initiate would know that everything is energy and would know that it is possible to manipulate energy in order to create miracles. A true Initiate could teleport, walk through walls, walk on water, heal the sick, turn water into wine, and not deny that this is possible or that they did it in a past life. A true Initiate would have the ability to do those things in this life too. I haven’t as yet read any writings where AJ Miller says or where witnesses say that he has done some of these things in his current incarnation.

He does claim that when he lived as Jesus he did some of those things, but not others. He says that he healed the sick and brought Lazarus back from the dead (only because the silver cord connecting his body to his soul wasn’t separated yet). He also says that he dematerialised his body. However, he says that he didn’t walk on water or turn water into wine. He says that he could have done other miracles, but he didn’t think that it was relevant to teaching people about love and would have only been a distraction. I believe that he might have been someone who was alive and was part of the group that followed Jesus and heard what he taught, and was a witness to the things that Jesus did. I do not believe he is a later incarnation of Jesus.

Drunvalo Melchezidek says that Jesus walked on water. Drunvalo Melchezidek is the man whom the timeless Being Thoth dictated his thousands of years of knowledge to, some of which you can watch and hear here: http://youtu.be/vD3a5gHwDn0

Children that have been born since the early 70s are now coming in as humans with Christ-like abilities and are called Indigos, Crystals and other such names, and they are doing things like walking on water. We have to use discernment though when we witness people who are using magic and miraculous abilities, as some are empowered by Demons when they make their miraculous performances available to the public. Examples are Dynamo and Criss Angel – they both walk on water and walk through walls. A true Initiate of the Christ Consciousness would not make his or her abilities known. In fact, he or she would keep them very quiet, and only those in their immediate circle would be aware of what they can actually do.  Most of the time they would act dumb, in order not to draw attention to themselves. It’s demonic to show your power to people and have them put you on a pedestal. Anyway, here is what Drunvalo says about the children born since 1972: http://youtu.be/jt3l0z8Vl9E

It isn’t just since 1972 though. Hindu yogis have been able to do miraculous things for thousands of years, as they are the descendents of the people from Atlantis who had amazing abilities. Stuart Wilde, a metaphysician who died in 2013, turned water into wine at one of his gigs, so if AJ Miller is saying he didn’t do that, where’s he getting his memories from? Although, that’s not to say that performing miracles is the measure of whether someone is an enlightened being or ascended master, as it’s possible to master the physical laws of this world without necessarily being anchored fully in the heart, which is what matters the most. Miracles aren’t only limited to Beings that are living in and operating in the Light. My own teacher mentioned that even when he reached the hidden door, he was surprised to see that when some others also arrived at the doorway into the celestial dimensions, they went to the left, not the right. I then understood what the terms “right hand path” and “left hand path” meant. Just because an individual learns how to step sideways through the door, doesn’t mean that they then choose to operate in or stay on the path of light. This is one vital point that A.J. Miller does make, much to his credit. From that perspective, it is good that AJ focuses on teaching people to heal themselves so that they free up enough room to shine love from their hearts.

From what appears to be, he takes the main role when relating to his partner Mary, which if the truth be known, she is the real power behind him anyway. The female partner is always the aspect of a relationship that takes the male energy and helps it to shine ten times brighter. Like how a magnifying glass magnifies a minute object so that you can see it, a woman’s love and devotion magnifies a spiritual man’s power. But the Church (knowing that) dulled the Magdalene’s Light so that women couldn’t do what they are here to do….. be the real power in a relationship, often silently. I expect that there will be a barrage of arguments against what I just said, but the truth needs to be heard. Jesus wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as he became until he entered into a relationship with Mary Magdalene. It was her devotion and love that helped him to shine and gave him the power to go out into the world and teach and heal with greater power than he would have been able to do on his own.

We have evolved well beyond our level of development when Christ was teaching 2000 years ago though. If AJ is limited to teaching the commonly known things that Jesus taught (there is much that he taught that isn’t known by the majority), he’s leaving out a lot of advanced knowledge that is only able to be understood when the listener is operating from their heart and not their head. Miraculous lives and psychic abilities are so because the people living them and doing those things live in their heart centre – they don’t live and make decisions with their mind. Jesus is a backward-in-time Being. Does AJ Miller know this? He should, if he is a reincarnation of Jesus. If he truly is what he claims, AJ Miller wouldn’t only be remembering…. he’d be seeing his own future if he were a backward-in-time Being. The figure eight that is often lain sideways as the sign of infinity also becomes a mobius strip, which time-travelers go back and forth on all the time. The Being that John in the book of Revelations saw – the grey haired man – was a man who came from our time now. He time-traveled back to dictate Revelations to St John of Patmos. That man was a backwards-in-time Being. Merlin was a backward-in-time Being. Some of the people alive today are from the future and know very well that they are from the future. The book of Hebrews is written by people who were from the future, living at a time when those alive needed the information that they were teaching so that they could evolve. In some ways we as a race are 2000 times more developed than we were in the years of Christ’s life and teachings (although in some ways we’re going backwards). There is much that AJ Miller fails to explain that other people have done a very good job of explaining. Perhaps he is targeting an audience that likes what he has to say, but in my humble opinion, there are much better teachers our there than AJ Miller. Each to his own though.

Followers of AJ and other such leaders do need to be careful though, because often humans want a Messiah so they can be saved not through their own changes, but from an external source.  Becoming saved is done through much of our own efforts along with the Grace of God. It is by processing our darkness and choosing to become good, and through the discipline of self-restraint that we decide which path we give ourselves over to. It is also done by taking responsibility for our lives and by learning to live in the present. It doesn’t happen because we have faith in a God outside of ourselves to do it for us – we are co-creators, so therefore we must do be action oriented if anything in our lives is ever to change.

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